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(Project Leads)
(Project Leads)
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==Project Leads==
==Project Leads==
:- [[nate.klein@ocproject.net Nate Klein]]
:- Nate Klein [[nate.klein@ocproject.net]]  
:- [[bryan.kelly@ocproject.net Bryan Kelly]]
:- Bryan Kelly [[bryan.kelly@ocproject.net]]
==Get Involved==
==Get Involved==

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OCP Security Project
This Project is open to the public and we want to welcome all those who would like to be involved.
- Charter]

Project Leads

- Nate Klein nate.klein@ocproject.net
- Bryan Kelly bryan.kelly@ocproject.net

Get Involved

- Mailing List

Regular Project Calls

Registration URL: [1] Webinar ID: 444-595-163

Recordings from Past Calls

- Feb 6th, 2018
- Jan 30th, 2018