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OCP Networking Project workshop - UNH, July 21, 2014



2014-07-21 OCP Networking Minutes

Amber (OCP-F): How to Get Involved With OCP and Contribute Specs

  • Getting Involved
  • Spec Submission Process
  • OCP Networking project wiki page
  • Any questions? Contact Amber via email or IRC on Freenode (#ocp-networking) or contact Omar or Carlos
  • Note on the availability of accompanying files (gerbers, bom, schematics, ...)
    • Usually when contributing, just the spec file first to the community
    • All the accompanying files are made available privately to project leads and incubation committee
    • Once entire package is accepted by the incubation committee, then the entire package (spec + files) will be made public

Update on Spec Contributions

  • Prem Jonnagaladda (Broadcom), Terry Whalen (Interface Masters):
    • Incubation committee asked for:
      • new functional test plan
      • new verification test plan
      • software to be open-sourced (mgmt firmware) (license TBD)
    • New systems will be coming soon as separate specs
  • Amit (Mellanox): overview of previous contribution
    • update license
  • Jeff (Accton): overview of previous contribution
    • rack adapter: all files uploaded (restrictive license)
    • AS5712-54x: all files uploaded (permissive license)
    • awaiting on IC for review of updated files

Carlos (UTSA), Curt and Matt (Cumulus Networks), Amit and Aviod (Mellanox): Testing Update

    • Reviewed ONIE certification status
      • Make USB boot optional
    • Reviewed current vendor contributions to ONIE
    • Introduced HW testing discussion

CJ (Microsoft) and Sanja (Dell): HAL Discussion

  • CJ: Azure Cloud Switch
    • Make switch lifecyle == server lifecycle
    • Software space from provider's perspective
  1. Discussion on common SDK for all hardware

Craig Thompson (Finisar): Optics

    • Optic Certification
      • ensure functionality with no statement on quality
    • Pluggable optical module compliance spec
    • Improved toolset for accessing, monitoring, and controlling optical modules
    • possible others as well: high density optics, new optical layer

Jeff (Accton) and Aurelie (Cumulus Networks): OOB/IPMI switch requirements

    • minimum hardware requirements (need luggage tag)
    • priorities
      • ONIE, automation
      • cost
      • storage - logging + 2 x images
    • software requirements
      • ONIE
      • Basic L2, L3, Management, LLDP
      • scripting and advanced configuration management

Subi (Dell): switch contribution

  • Z9500: 3U, 132x40GB

Robert (Alpha Networks): switch contribution

  • 32x40GB, 1280Gps