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Agenda / Presentations

We had two full tracks of Networking presentations this year at Summit! Videos of presentations will be available soon.

  • 0900 - Welcome to OCP Networking (Scott, Omar)

Track 1 (Times in PST)

0930 - Facebook's Open Networking Hardware.

This workshop will provide a technical overview of the latest networking devices coming from Facebook's hardware engineering teams: Backpack, their 128x100G modular chassis, and Wedge 100S, a new version of the original 32x100G Wedge 100 switch. The workshop will also include engineers from Cavium and Barefoot Networks, who will talk about the variations of Wedge 100 that they have developed to integrate their programmable ASICs into the platform, and the new use cases that are unlocked by their technologies.

  • Alik Fishman, Cavium
  • Akin Koyuncuogu, Barefoot Networks
  • Xu Wang, Facebook
  • Zhiping Yao, Facebook

1030 - Tales From the Field: L1 Issues

With the rise of Open Networking, where a user is able to switch out any piece of the stack without vendor lock in (switch, pluggable, NOS, etc…), we have only seen more issues arise when compared with vendor locked solutions. Most of these issues happen at L1 between the switch, the NOS, and the pluggable (cable or optic). Even companies that promote open networking solutions and provide internal testing fall victim to L1 issues. This talk is centered around common L1 issues observed from the field and how some vendors have banded together to eliminate them.

  • Carlos Cardenas, Cumulus Networks

1100 - Universal Connectivity and Interoperability in the Open Ecosystem

Interoperability is essential for customer confidence and wide adoption. This talk will address networking interop complexities inherent in an Open Eco system, including some problems that are unique to an Open Eco system, and that must be addressed for successful adoption. We'll examine specific types of Interop Problems found during plugfests and lab testing at UNH-IOL. Finally we'll examine what the community is doing to combat this and ensure interoperability.

  • David Woolf, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL)

1130 - ONIE with Secure Boot

Network security and validating the software running on data center systems has never been more important. The central components for launching trusted operating system environments are the family of technologies described by the Universal Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Secure Boot and the Trusted Computer Group (TCG) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specifications. This talk discusses the plans of the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) boot loader project to address the challenges of deploying secure technologies on network switches. The goal is to combine the easy to use image discovery features of ONIE with the industry standard security components of UEFI and TCG. The benefits are:

  • Maintains the established image discovery methods of ONIE
  • Build on industry standard specifications and technologies
  • Support for x86_64 and AARCH64 UEFI firmwares
  • Enables all UEFI capabilities
  • Curt Brune, Cumulus Networks

1300 - Linux Networking Greatness, episode 2

This talk is the second installment of the “Linux is awesome” talk. Linux is undoubtedly the platform of choice for open networking today. Linux kernel and ecosystem provide a flexible and faster development platform for networking applications. In this talk we will look at the latest developments in the Linux kernel and ecosystem for networking in the past year: VRFs, light weight tunnels, enhancements to the traffic classifier, EBPF, XDP (express data path) and more. Mostly centered around running a Linux distribution natively on your open networking gear, in this talk we will cover:

  • New Linux kernel and ecosystem advancements in the past year
  • Example Open Linux networking applications
  • Monitoring your networking apps using systemd
  • Linux Networking configuration
  • Example deployments
  • And more ...
  • Roopa Prabhu, Cumulus Networks

1330 - Experience in Operating a Mixed OCP/Non-OCP Data Center Network

Facebook has been aggressively rolling out its Wedge, Wedge100, and now Backpack devices throughout its data centers. Yet, our data centers are (and will continue to be for quite a while) a mix of these OCP-accepted, disaggregated networking devices running FBOSS and traditional, non-OCP networking devices from traditional networking vendors. The Facebook Net Systems group writes the software on our switches (FBOSS) but also writes the software that provisions, automates, monitors, and controls these mixed data centers. This talk will cover learnings from how we had to adapt our existing systems to handle OCP networking devices such as Wedge/Wedge 100 alongside the traditional networking switches. It will also highlight patterns/conventions that we'd like to see all networking devices move toward to make operations of the network smoother.

  • Starsky Wong, Facebook

1400 - Open Networking Advancing, Expanding, and Deploying

This presentation will cover three topics: 1. New contributions to Open Compute advancing Open Networking which includes a 64 port 100G switch and two Wi-Fi Access Points based on Qualcomm Wave2 silicon 2. Demonstrations and presentation on the expansion of CBW Ecosystem partners including ONIE download demonstrations using BRCM and QCA OCP Wi-Fi Access points with NOS solutions from Benu Networks, Mojo Networks, and Canonical. All of this will be powered by AS4610-54P switch running SnapRoute FlexSwitch. 3. Real word use cases and deployments – 1. Presentation from Major retailor utilizing Open Networking equipment and SW, 2. Presentation from Major carrier deploying Open Networking equipment and SW

  • Jeff Catlin, Edgecore Networks

Track 2