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Specs and Designs

Intel - OCP ONP Bare Metal Spec 1.0 (PDF)

Intel switch specification proposal version 1.0.

Mellanox - Open_Compute_SX48S12Q_06 (DOC)

Mellanox SX1024OCP switch specification proposal.

ONIE_Open_Compute_Proposed_Charter-07082013 (PDF)

Cumulus Networks's Open Network Install Environment bootloader specification proposal, version 0.2.

Open Compute Project BRCM_Open_1 0_Leaf_Spine_Switch_Specification_110813 (PDF)

Broadcom Open 1.0 Leaf and Spine Switch specification proposal, revision 19.

Open Compute MSX1400OCP v0.1 (PDF)

Mellanox MSX1400-OCP switch specification proposal, version 0.1.

Open Compute SW Interface v1.0

Broadcom switch software interface specification proposal, version 1.0.

OCP Networking Project Charter v1.12

Proposed project charter for OCP Open Network Project, version 1.12.