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This page contains information pertaining to testing and certification of ONIE.


The current ONIE Specification and Testing document is located here:

These documents are based on the 2014-08 to 2015-02 ONIE release.

NOTE: For ONIE releases:

  • 2014.08
  • 2014.11
  • 2015.02

Test cases: 10, 11, 12, 46, 47, and 48 will be marked as N/A as those releases of ONIE contained a bug to prevent compliance.

Certification Process

Prior to submitting a network device for ONIE certification, the following items must be performed:

  • ONIE image for the device is openly available on the vendor's website
  • ONIE source code for the device is openly available
    • preferably in the main ONIE repository on GitHub
  • Ensure all other requirements are met as described in the testing document (i.e. asset tracking labels and Quick Start Guide)

The certification process for ONIE will be as follows:

  • Submit network device(s) to ONIE certification lab
    • NOTE: device is not returnable as this device will be used for all future ONIE certifications (on vendor's request)
    • The recommended number of devices is 3 per SKU to ensure a working model for the lifetime of the device. However, 1 per SKU is acceptable if the vendor is able to provide parts (RMA) for the lifetime of the device.
  • Once the device has been received, testing will begin no later than 5 business days
  • Normal testing results should be available no later than 5 business days after testing has begun
    • Test results will be sent directly to vendor and OCP C&I Director (only if device passed)
  • OCP Foundation will issue certification voucher to vendor upon verification
  • Vendor is now able to use ONIE Certified logo on website and marketing collateral