Meeting Minutes 2014-03-19

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Meeting Time : 11AM-12PM EDT on 3/19/2014


- Follow up from OCP Summit on Rest Interface for IPMI - Tom Slaight 


   Grant Richard
   Rajeev Agrawala
   Michael Garner
   Earl Medeiros
   Nathan Rockhold
   Hemal Shah
   Paul Vancil

New Items (If you add a new item please add the date you added it along with your name)

Please remind everyone about the Upcoming events and event calendar - Amber Graner - 2/19/14, 3/17/14

  • Human readable Rest API for IPMI
  • IPMI over https and not necessarliy Rest could be called Rest based
  • over TLS for security
  • discussion on infrastructure for authentication
  • tls having options for Auth like AD
  • Ad should not be the only method but be there as optional
  • light weight mechanisn will be universal per Tom (self contained)
  • Significant firmware devoted to kerberos/AD if adding AD authentication
  • exception management could be challange
  • Configuration/provisioning
  • Where to standardize OCP
 * One local and one central?
 * What is the right mix


- user, operator, administrator

Tunnel IPMI through Rest MCTP (Manage component transfer protocol) PLDM (Platform level data model - request response method)

Standardize across vendors a subset of bare minimum management calls Single data model is the challange but doable How would this look in multi-node environment. What functionality is needed. Basic count or full connectivity assocation. Dump the complete topology vs walk the topology

Discussion was to write down preliminary api which covers Hardware Management spec 1.0 defined functionality at which the groups can shoot at

Paul Vancil and Tom Slaight agreed to come up with initial doc.