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*Opening Keynote: Welcome/Intro - Jason Taylor, Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfbFtiasA84
*Opening Keynote: Welcome/Intro - Jason Taylor, Facebook [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfbFtiasA84 Video]
*Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jason Waxman, Intel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iSMqKBH8Y
*Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jason Waxman, Intel   [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iSMqKBH8Y Video]
*Keynote: Peter J. Winzer, Bell Labs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAgYev4iemM
*Keynote: Peter J. Winzer, Bell Labs [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAgYev4iemM Video]
*Keynote: Mark Russinovich, Microsoft    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2DAyvom0ls
*Keynote: Mark Russinovich, Microsoft    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2DAyvom0ls Video]
*Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jay Parikh, Facebook     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_U4FyTabpg
*Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jay Parikh, Facebook   [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_U4FyTabpg Video]
===Executive Track===
===Executive Track===

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Below are the links to all the presentations from the OCP US Summit 2016 event. Where possible we have gathered the slides and have provided the links to the video as well. Please note if you don't see a link to the slides or the videos then we do not have that information to share.

9 March 2016, Day 1


  • Opening Keynote: Welcome/Intro - Jason Taylor, Facebook Video
  • Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jason Waxman, Intel Video
  • Keynote: Peter J. Winzer, Bell Labs Video
  • Keynote: Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Video
  • Platinum Sponsored Keynote: Jay Parikh, Facebook Video

Executive Track





  • Executive Track: Hyve Solutions - NA





Expo Hall






  • Expo Hall Stage Talk: Hyve Solutions NA

10 March 2016, Day 2

Expo Hall











Engineering Workshops

  • Open Networking in Open Compute evolving from the Data Center Top of Rack to Network Core and Network Edge - Jeff Catlin (Accton)
  • Open CloudServer - Next Gen - Martin Goldstein (Microsoft) Slides
  • Multi-Node Management Specification - Bryan Kelly (Microsoft)
  • Facebook's 1S Server Platform - Yosemite - Yan Zhao (Facebook) Slides
  • Transforming Networks to an All-IT based Infrastructure with OCP and Open Networking - Junho Suh (SK Telecom) Slides
  • Ensuring Interoperability and Open APIs for Open Networking Systems - David Woolf (UNH) Slides
  • SmartNIC: FPGA Innovation in OCS Servers for Microsoft Azure - Daniel Firestone (Microsoft) Slides
  • Towards a Firmware Update Standard - Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft) and Vincent Zimmer (Intel) Slides
  • OCP Mezzanine NIC 2.0 Update - Jia Ning (Facebook)
  • Open Wear - Asghar Riahi
  • ToRC – Applications, Microservices, and VNFs controlled by the Top-of-Rack Switch - Julius Mueller (ATT) Slides
  • OCP adoption in 19" EIA architecture - Alan Chang (Qunata) Slides
  • OpenBMC Update - Sai Dasari and Jubin Mehta (Facebook)
  • M.2 PCIe Carrier Card - Chris Peterson (Facebook) Slides
  • NVMe Optional features for Cloud SSD customization - Parag Maharana (Seagate)
  • Building an OCP-based Telco CDN Platform - Ramnath Sai Sagar (Mellanox)
  • Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) - Kamala Subramaniam (Microsoft)
  • HPE - Cloudline Servers - Curt Belusar, Dave Peterson, Terry Morris
  • Out of Band Management for OCP Server PCIe add-on-cards and SSDs - Anant Baderdinni (Seagate)
  • Big Sur, An OCP GP-GPU Server - Marcos Peixoto (Faccebook)
  • Improving Software Defined Storage Ceph Performance While Reducing Costs - Luca Bert (Seagate)
  • SAI/ACS Panel
  • OCP Adoption – Revolution with 21” racks vs. Transition from 19” racks - Bill Lin (Wiwynn) [file:///C:/Users/Michael/Downloads/OCP_2016_Carmel_20160308.pdf Slides]
  • Redfish and OCP topics - Jeff Autor (DMTF) Slides
  • Soft-Hardware: The Foundation of Cloud 2.0 - Aaron Sullivan (Rackspace) Slides
  • Lightning: a flexible NVMe JBOD - Chris Peterson (Facebook) Slides
  • Low Latency Analytics Platforms for Mobile Edge Computing - Paul Devashish (IDT) Slides
  • Update on OpenSwitch with OCP Projects - Diego Dompe (HPE) Slides
  • Optimized Power Delivery Architecture for Data Center Scale Server Application Slides
  • OpenDCRE - Next Generation Data Center Management - Andrew Cencini, Steve White (Vapor) Slides
  • Introduction to Facebook Open Rack V2 - Steve Mills (Facebook)
  • AF-Media High Density All-flash Media Server - Jungsoo Kim Slides
  • Analytics Platforms for HPC Clusters - Devashish Paul Slides
  • Datacenter Lifecycle Management and Running Apps on OCP Switches - Luke Williams and Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical) Slides
  • Use of Alternative Natural Fiber Filled Polypropylene (NFFPP) Plastic in Data Center Equipment Design to Improve Sustainability - Jon Ehlen (Facebook) Slides
  • Touch-safe High Voltage DC Powering of Server Racks using Digital Electricity - Stephen Eaves (Volt Server)
  • Cloud optimized HDD - Asghar Riahi
  • Open Rack enhancements for regulatory approvals and support for Telco use - Klemola Juha (Nokia) Slides
  • Linux Networking is Awesome - Shrijeet Mukherjee (Cumulus) Slides
  • Server Management direction for OCP
  • OCP Inspired and OCP Accepted - Aaron Sullian (Rackspace), Anita Kuo (ITRI), David Woolf (UNH-IOL) and Amber Graner (OCP Foundation)
  • Open Rack Management Backplane Connector and Shared Cooling Zone Live Stream - Ethan Long (Intel)
  • Hacking the Conventional Data Center Power Infrastructure Live Stream - Kevin Brown (Schneider Electric)
  • Open GPON Specification - Tom Anschutz (AT&T) Slides
  • Facebook Wedge 100/6 Pack Hardware Design and Fabric Network Testing - Zhiping Yao (Facebook Networking HW team) and Hany Morsy (Facebook Data Center Network Engineering team)Slides Part 1 Part 2
  • OCP Certification - Aaron Sullivan
  • Bloomberg Rack
  • XGS-PON 10Gbs Specification Proposal Live Stream - Robert Mapes, Mike Meche (AT&T) [file:///C:/Users/Michael/Downloads/OCP_2016_4xPort_ATT_Broadcom%201.2.pdf Slides Part 1] Part 2
  • How does FB manage thousands of switches - Jasmeet Bagga (Facebook FBOSS team) Slides
  • Open Discussion of Inspired, Accepted and Certified Live Stream - Anita Kuo (ITRI) and David Woolf (UNH-IOL)
  • OpenPOWER collaboration and innovation with Open Compute Live Stream - Calista Redmond (OpenPOWER/IBM)
  • Building a self sustaining automated datacenter: The RuggedPOD project - Jean-Marie Verdun & RuggedPOD team member
  • OCP Solution Provider Program - Steve Helvie
  • Enabling Pervasive Network Security Using OCP Switch Hardware and ONL - Sunit Chauhan (BigSwitch) Slides
  • HatTrick Storage and preview of HatTrick Compute - Russ Lindsey (StackVelocity)
  • A new class device for secure, scalable, long term storage - Horst Schellong (Sony)