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Meeting date: 5/22

Omar: Presented Open Switch project

Design Spec. sent to IC and shared during the meeting.

Q&A · Rack and power compatibility with open rack V1, V2?– YES

· Mechanical design and flexibility? - YES

· Use adapter for switch installed into rack with right power in the back.

· Air flow, supporting both back and front, but not side to side.

Spec. contribution

4 -TOR switch presenting Broadcom, Mellanox and 2 in pipeline Intel, Accton

Pete: recommends using socket for processor due to small quantity build, cost saving and flexibility to swap CPUs.

Andy suggested to have CPU on board for better reliability

ONIE – is the only code contributed installer, loader. How people can use it without NDA?

This open switch can be run with open source and commercial software

A number of companies in the group, both operator and vendor, are showing more interest in software as well: Abstraction layer for platform management/environmentals as well as forwarding/control plane Open source forwarding and management code that could be available for the OCP switches

Hardware and Software testing plan for UTSA and how we want to work with UTSA, any funding for their Ph.D candidate and MS graduate students are working on testing open switch? To further discuss (Omar and Thao)

Hardware available from vendors to UTSA for testing (Broadcom, Mellanox, Intel, Accton, qty =3 sample?)

What software will run on the switches when we want to test the hardware?

Software – need to open source public available that will work on the OCP switches for use in the community


Prem Jonnalagadda from Broadcom presented

Design Spec. slide deck sent to IC

· Two type of switches Leaf and Spine switch

· Open rack 1U form factor 21” and enterprise 1U form factor 19” using an adapter to fit 21” OR

· Submitted OCP in Oct 2013 in OCP website. Broadcom Open 1.0

· Design files available from Broadcom with NDA and goal is to put design files Gerber, CAD, mechanical STEP files on OCP

· Management tool software is not open yet, plan to open source

· Interface Masters Technologies, Inc. is manufacturing of these two switches

· DVT test results available for review

· PSU types and 90VAC - 277V AC and 36-72 VDC

Question: What are the feedback from community?


· Feedback are positive, some ODMs think can add some values on top of the design.

· Negative feedback from ODMs, they think they can design better.


Is Incubation ready to vote?

Answer: Pete and Omar think it is very substantial contribution, NDA to be resolved and need to have open files prior to IC vote and follow the approval process.

Broadcom to do:

· OCP Incubation needs design files releasing without NDA.

· Thermal data to add in spec. and share thermal model review on the OCP site.

· Test plans from Interface Masters available for IC review.

· It will take a week of review and feedback. Voting process takes about 1 week. At most process takes 3 weeks to complete.


Vadim Balakhovski presented spec.

· Fits in 21” open rack

· If more power adding, fan design will change

· PSU and Fan module serviceability - easy to remove and plug in, SFP+ and assembly module have a tool to remove optics. Easy to do

· Firmware upgrade utility – Use CLI command to do upgrading, soft rebooting, no AC power cycling.

· Power DC available 48V

· 12V from bus bar

· AC 90 – 277VAC

· Option available DC PSU cost saving

· CPU is soldered on board

· Compliancy: Safety, EMC, EU, China, Japan…

Are design files available to contribute to OCP?

Need to sign NDA with the partner/customer. Can work with ODMs to build product with NDA. Gerber files, CAD files, mechanical step files ARE NOT AVAILBLE OCP site. To be reconsidered or can contribute different model. More to follow up on the feedback of this topic

· Mellanox is working with some ODMs, but cannot be shared at this time. Need to check with ODMs before releasing.

· Release date hardware GA (DVT/PVT) Oct 2014 software GA Dec 2014

· Mellanox will get all responses from the meeting’s inputs. Mellanox is to review with project team, work with Pete and Omar and will have another round of meeting before IC voting

Will firmware tool available for open community? – To be confirmed

IC wanted to go with direction of open source

Showed 40g NICs that they would like to contribute as well

Incubation team member comments in the end of the meeting:

C&I feedback

· C&I server test plan Rev1.0 reviewed by C&I committee and Aaron, Bob O.

· C&I presented test spec. last IC meeting

· C&I – work with project and project lead of project. C&I can role the rev. every three months – 6 months.

· C&I certification spec. submit

· No approval is needed from Incubation. The test spec. could be change every three to six months, C&I committee should be able to review includes Incubation project lead. C&I approve and release

· Cole, YF, Thao to attend next IC meeting regarding C&I certification and approval process.

IC should look at

Common open exchange for the end customer of using type of SFP+, connector, cable, optics

Cabling tradeoff, airflow of the number of ports availability, what end customer will be using.

Create a preferred configuration list, vendor can take the list compares with vendors

Outline for requirements voltages, ports, and mechanical requirements.

Scale weight from IC on the design spec. submittal?