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Welcome to the OCP Health Chain Management Working Group.

Get Involved


The schedule for events pertaining to the Health Chain Management Working Group will be posted here.


This is where the schedule for Health Chain Management meetings will be posted. This call is open to the public.

The meeting for March is scheduled for Tuesday March 21st at 9am PT.

Meeting ID: 30807354

Join Online Meeting: [1]

Join by phone: Dial phone number and enter the Meeting ID when prompted

Toll-Free: (855) 346-3893 Toll: +1 201-479-4595 Dialing Internationally? Visit


Curtis Stevens will briefly discuss some SMART value work going on in T13 (no slides) We will also discuss kicking off the drive status and supplier data efforts that were brought forward last year (Seagate/Apple)


Mailing List -
Website - Health Chain Management Wiki (this page)

Specs and Designs

Links to Current specs and designs -