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Specs and Designs

This page contains links to the Specs ad Designs for the OCP Hardware Management Project


More information about LAVA LMP can be found at:

DRAFT of the Open Hardware Machine Management Specifications v1.01 (PDF)

OCP Hardware Management Specification: Remote Machine Management v1.01 Draft: 02-25-2014

Charter for the Open Hardware Management Track (PDF)

Charter for Open Hardware Management Track Draft: 12-28-2011

DRAFT Charter for Open Hardware Management Track w/Japanese Translation (PDF)

Proposed track for Open Hardware Management

DRAFT Hardware Management Specifications for IPMI

Proposed specifications for the IPMI implementation on any device using IPMI. This includes PDUs, Servers, Switches and Storage devices. The specifications allow a Data Center System Manager uniform remote access to the hardware in the rack. All the specifications have questions in red.

OCP Specifications for IPMI
Specification Version Date Description
OCP ID 0.04 June 9, 2014 Identify all OCP specifications implemented by a single IPM Controller
ICAP Base 0.02 June 9, 2014 The basic functions of an OCP IPM Controller that a Data Center System Manager depends on
ICAP OPTI 0.02 June 9, 2014 The identification of XFSP+/QSFP bays and protocol independent monitoring of optical links for XSFP+/QSFP modules
ICAP DRAM 0.03 June 9, 2014 The identification and temperature monitoring of DDR3/DDR4 modules

As Data Centers raise room temperatures, potentially on a daily basis, the ICAP OPTI and ICAP DRAM provide feedback on how close the hardware is to the manufacturer define thermal limits.