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==Recordings from Past Calls==
==Recordings from Past Calls==
:- [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=204c5df982699464036cebe8b22f8af6 Feb 20th, 2018]
:- [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=b10b9fe70c9b61a737b5613596874b20 Jan 16th, 2018]
:- [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=d9f2d7d4c2efb13cda48e6989aca2619 Nov 28, 2017]
==Specs and Designs==
==Specs and Designs==

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Welcome to the OCP Hardware Management Project.

This Project is open to the public and we welcome all those who would like to be involved.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit any confidential information to the Project Community. All presentation materials, proposals, meeting minutes and/or supporting documents are published by OCP and are open to the public in accordance to OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found on the OCP Legal Docs page. If you have any questions please contact OCP.


- Charter

Project Leadership

Incubation Committee Representative

- John Leung (Intel)

Project Leads

- Norm James (IBM)
- Bernie Meier (Ericsson)

Get Involved

- Mailing List
- OCP website
- OCP Calendar

Regular Project Calls

This project meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 11am EST

- Registration URL
- Webinar ID: 468-349-195

Recordings from Past Calls

- Feb 20th, 2018
- Jan 16th, 2018
- Nov 28, 2017

Specs and Designs