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The Open Compute Foundation’s [Board of Directors] approves the formation of the Open Compute Projects, reviews the charters for each project and can appoint the initial Project Leads and the initial Incubation Committee (IC) Representative.

The OCP Community requires a standard by which the project communities can govern themselves with oversight from the OCP Foundation and its employees.

Project Leads and the Incubation Committee Representatives are elected by the community for a period of 2 years.


Project Leads

Project Leads will be elected for a term of two years.

Current Term is August 2016 to August 2018.

Incubation Committee

The Chair and Vice Chair positions on the IC are appointed positions. The OCP Foundation Board will appoint these positions and are excluded from leadership limits.

IC Representatives will be elected for a term of two years.

Current Term is August 2017 to August 2019.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to serve as a project lead or IC representative the following must apply:

Project Leads

All OCP Corporate Members are eligible to nominate someone from their organization to become an OCP Project Lead.

Community Level Corporate Members are eligible to nominate someone from their organization if their organization has made a contribution to OCP.

Incubation Committee Representative

An individual nominated to become an IC Representative must belong to a Silver, Gold or Platinum Level Member.


  • No one person can hold more than one leadership position at any given point in time regardless of membership level.
  • Organizations can only hold one seat at a time on each individual governing body.


Typically the nomination phase opens 6 weeks prior to the expiration of term.

A blog post will be published on the OCP Website when the nomination phase opens. In that post a webform link will be included. To nominate someone for a position, open the link and answer the questions. The webform will not be available until that phase of the election is open.


Project Lead Elections

To vote for a project lead individuals must belong to an OCP Corporate Tiered Member company. Foundation Employees and OCP Board of Directors are also eligible to vote for the Project Leads.

Incubation Committee Elections

To vote in an IC election an organization must be a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member.

Based on the organization's corporate membership level it will be given a set number of voting keys. The members organization will determine which individuals the keys will be sent to. The Foundation will reach out to the point of contact listed on its membership agreement to confirm who will be sent the voting keys. Silver members will receive 1 key; Gold members will receive 2 keys; Platinum members will receive 3 keys.

More information on the voting process for the IC can be found at:

Special Circumstances

If a ICR resigns from Current Corporate Member Organization: If an OCP ICR resigns from their position prior to the end of the term or if they can no longer fulfill their duties then current Corporate Member organization can put a name or names forward as replacements. The Incubation Committee (IC) will then vote to accept this replacement. If the vote is accepted, there will be no special election and the replacement will hold the seat for no more than one (1) year or until the next IC election whichever is shorter. If the IC rejects the replacement (delete this - then a special election will be called. Whomever wins the special election will hold the position until the next election.) and/or if the Current Corporate Member Organization does not put forth another replacement candidate, the IC can nominate another candidate from the pool of other Silver/Gold/Platinum Corporate members. If no nominations are put forth, the Foundation will call for a special election. Whomever wins the special election will hold the position until the next election.

Upcoming Election Timelines

Project Leads

Regular Election - Summer 2018

Nomination Process to begin June, 2018

Voting Process to begin July, 2018

Project Leads to be announced August, 2018

Incubation Committee Representatives

Regular Election - Summer 2019

Nomination Process to begin June, 2019

Voting Process to begin July, 2019

IC Representatives to be announced August, 2019