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Current Elections

There are no elections taking place at this time. The next scheduled election will in June 2016 for the OCP Project Leads.


The Open Compute Foundation’s [Board of Directors] charters the Open Compute Projects, appoints the initial Project Committee chairs (PCC) also know as Project Leads.

The OCP Community requires a standard by which the project communities can govern themselves with oversight from the OCP Foundation and its employees.

Project Leads and the Incubation Committee Representatives are elected by the community for a period of 2 years.

No one organization can have more than 3 people* in a leadership postition at any one given time and no one person can hold more than one leadership position at a time. (Leadership positions are defined as Board Director Seat, Incubation Committee Representative, Project Lead, and the leader of an approved OCP Regional Community)

  • these seats are dependent on membership level some restrictions apply.


Project Leads

PCC/Project Leads will be elected for a term of (2) years.

Incubation Committee

The Chair and Vice Chair positions on the IC will continue to be appointed positions. The OCP Foundation Board will appointed these positions and are excluded from leadership limits.

The remaining 8 seats will be elected positions for 1 year term with the exception of the 2014 - 2016 term. This will be a two (2) year term and an exception to the one (1) year term limits.

* April 14 through March 16

Who is eligible?

As of 20 March 2014 - To be eligible to serve as a project lead the following must apply:

Project Leads

  • All OCP Individual and Corporate Members are eligible to become an OCP Project Lead.


  • Individual must belong to a Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate Member organization

Limitations included:

  • Silver Members can hold no more than 1 leadership position at any given point in time.
  • Gold Members can hold no more than 2 leadership positions at any given point in time.
  • Platinum Members can hold no more than 3 leadership positions at any given point in time.
  • No one person can hold more than one leadership position at any given point in time.
  • Organizations can only hold one seat at a time on each individual governing body at a time and for those organizations who can hold more than one position leadership these positions would be need to be split across the governing bodies.

(Example - Platinum members with 3 positions could potentially have someone on the Board, The IC, and as a Project Lead, but could not have 2 positions on any one governing body. The only exception would be for a project lead spot and in that case 2 members of an organization could be project leads but would have to co-lead with an individual of a qualifying member organization. In this case a project co-lead counts as .5 persons, but 2 people from the same organization can not lead a project together or lead 2 of the project teams individually)

Please note:

Leadership position is defined as-Project Lead, Incubation Committee Seat (excludes Chair and Vice Chair), Board of Directors and leaders of approved Regional OCP Communities (effective 1 Sep 2014) Leadership positions are not appointed or given to individuals or organizations based on their membership level, but must go through the nomination and election process. The limitations for the number of leaders per organization is based on membership levels.

How does nominations work?

When the nomination phase opens up a webform link will be included. Just open the link and answer the questions. The webform will not be available until that phase of the election is open.

Who can vote?

Project Leads

Anyone who is a member (either individual or corporate) of the project along with the OCP Board.

To be considered an individal member of the project you must create a profile and sign the membership agreement.

You can login using your open ID or by creating a new profile. The email you use on your profile is the one your voting key will be sent to. Please make sure to keep your profile email up to date.

If your organization is already an OCP member then please sign the individual membership agreement and build your profile using your organizational email address. IMPORTANT - Your corporate membership agreement will take precedence over the individual one.

Your profile must be created one week prior to the election.

To create your profile go to:

Exceptions: To be fair to all organizations and individuals no one organization can have more than 10% of the total vote.


To vote in an IC election your company must be a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member.

Based on your companies membership level you will be given a number of voting keys per company. Silver members will receive 1 key; Gold members will receive 2 keys; Platinum will receive 3 keys.

Those voting must also create a membership profile. Please note that the company membership takes priority over the individual one.

More information on the voting process for the IC can be found at:

Special Circumstances

If an OCP project lead resigns from their position prior to the end of the term or if they can no longer fulfill their duties then the OCP project community will vote on the interim project lead.

* C&I Project Special Election
* Storage Project Special Elections

Past Elections

* January - June 2014 - Project Lead elections -

Upcoming Election Timelines

IC Elections

June 2014 - May 2016 - Elections

- 10 Mar 2016 - Call for Nominations Starts
-  2  May 2016 - Call for Nominations Ends
-  5  May Begin Verification Process
-  28  May 2016 - Publish list 
-  28  May 2016 - Testimonial Phase Starts
-  6  June 2016 - Testimonial Phase Ends
-  9  June 2016 - Voting Phase Begins
-  27 June 2016 - Voting Phase Ends
-  30 June  2016 - New IC Announced       
Updated: Board to agreed to extend the 2014-2015 term to 2016 announcement can be found on the OCP Blog at:
Updated: Based on the Tiered membership announcement --Admin (talk) 14:48, 23 April 2014 (CDT)
Updated: We are verifying all member contributions.  Adjusted timeline --Admin (talk) 09:46, 31 March 2014 (CDT)
Updated: Needed Tiered Membership to be rolled out completely before this election can take place.  - --Admin (talk) 13:47, 10 February 2014 (CST)
Updated: Tiered Membership details will be finalized on 21 March.  Due to the delay we have extended the nomination phase. --Admin (talk) 10:58, 20 March 2014 (CDT)
Updated: Verifying membership levels of all nominees

Project Leads

August 2014 - July 2016 Elections

- 7 July 2016 - Call for Nominations Starts
- 18 July 2016 - Call for Nominations Ends
- 21 July 2016 - Publish list 
- 22 July 2016 -  Testimonial Phase Starts
- 5 August 2016 - Testimonial Phase Ends
- 7 August 2016  - Voting Phase Begins
- 21 August 2016 - Voting Phase Ends
- 22 August 2016 - New Leads Announced

Update: Board agreed to extend the 2014-2015 term to 2016. Announcement can be found on the OCP Blog at:

Voting Tool: Condercet Internet Voting Service (CIVS)

CIVS is a free Internet voting service that makes it easy to conduct polls. Each voter ranks a set of possible choices. Individual voter rankings are combined into an anonymous overall ranking of the choices.

More information can be found at: