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General information for all OCP events can be found at: http://www.opencompute.org/community/events/

OCP Summits

The Open Compute Project Foundation hosts annual summits, where the community meets and discusses the latest developments with OCP. Summits offer a chance to hear from speakers and panels, get the latest announcements, view demonstrations, visit booths, and network with others in the community.

OCP Engineering Workshops

The Open Compute Project Foundation will host a series of engineering workshops each year to build on the community. The goals of these are:

Increased community participation and stickiness. Increase the OCP technology portfolio; depth and breadth of specifications and charters. Drive the product-ionization of OCP’s specifications. A good example here is the Intel’s interconnect technology that enables Sipho. Solidify specification versioning pipeline, release process, naming conventions. Take into account/understand the suppliers needs and OCP partners needs; AMDs Roadrunner and the associated release and deployment is a good example here. Implementation of OCP’s legal framework (CLA’s, OWFa’s). Building out/addressing technologies for new sectors.

Resources Per Event

OCP Engineering Workshop - Edinburgh Scotland - 21 Oct 2013