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Welcome to the OCP Data Center Facility Project.
This Project is open to the public and we welcome all those who would like to be involved.
Disclaimer: Please do not submit any confidential information to the Project Community. All presentation materials, proposals, meeting minutes and/or supporting documents are published by OCP and are open to the public in accordance to OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found on the OCP OCP Policies page. If you have any questions please contact OCP.

Project Leadership

Incubation Committee Representative

- Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric)

Project Lead

- Brevan Reyher (Rackspace)

Get Involved

- DCF Mailing List
- OCP DCF Website
- OCP Projects Calendar

Regular Project Calls

This project meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 10:30am EST - 9:30am CST/3:30pm GMT (Please check the call calendar).

- Call Calendar
- Call Link

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (646) 749-3129 Access Code: 490-785-413

Recordings from Past Calls

- September 19th, 2018
- August 15th, 2018
- July 18th, 2018
- June 20th, 2018
- May 16th, 2018
- April 18th, 2018
- February 21st, 2018
- January 16th, 2018
- October 19th, 2017

Notes from Past Calls

- October 17, 2018
- September 19th, 2018
- August 15th, 2018
- July 18th, 2018
- May 16th, 2018
- April 18th, 2018
- February 21st, 2018


  • Colo Facility Guidelines
- Colo SP Wiki
  • Modular Data Center Sub Project
- MDC Wiki
  • Facility Sustainability Standards - Initiating
  • OCP Hardware BIM Library - Initiating
  • MicroGrids - Proposed

Presentations & Videos

OCP Summit 2018, San Jose, CA, March 20th-21st, 2018

- Videos

OCP Engineering Workshop at DCD Zettastructure, London, UK, November 8th, 2017

- Slides

OCP Engineering Workshop at DCD Colo & Cloud, Dallas, TX, September 25th, 2017

- Session Video
- EW Presentations

Specs, Designs, and Information Documents

Current Specs

- Specs and Designs Page

Information Documents

Colo Facility Guidelines for OCP Racks V1.1
Colo SP Scorecard V1.1

Documents Under Review

Data Center Cable Infrastructure Color Schema (UPDATED)
DC Power
Data Center Operations Maturity Model