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Monday 13 January 2014 Meeting




What we covered at last might's C&I call is that the next meeting will be at the Summit at the end of the month and we discussed what we should spend the two half day sessions covering. What we agreed to cover was we’ll spend the afternoon of Day 1 discussing:

• OCP Ready – Demo of checkbox, walk through of what test does. Owners: Joel / David / Dan • OCP Certified – Walkthrough of what this means. Deep dive in not only test parameters, but issues uncovered in spec, test & platforms delivered by ODMs. Goal to help all stakeholders make progress on issues learned. Owners: Thao / YF? • OCP Labs – What do the labs provide, and how can folks engage. Owners: Paul and YF • A joint session w/HW Management track – topic: Disposable O/S. We should discuss the goals of the disposable OS and get buy-in for the concept and usage. Owners: Joel / David.

The morning of Day 2 will include a minimum of the core team and will cover addressing deep diving into the projects listed on the C&I wiki:


and deciding which are priorities, which should be removed and/or consolidated with other projects, next steps and go forward owners.

Seeing that the mailing list is less than an effective tool to rely on solely, we’ll make sure that any communication sent out via list is also replicated here on the OCP FB page. Sorry that others missed the opportunity to join last night’s call. If anyone who wasn’t on the call believes that there are other things that should be on the agenda, let’s discuss, as we have time to tweak the agenda if other things need to be addressed.

DaWane, Matthew & Thao C&I Co-chairs