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===GROUP 1===
The Product '''MUST''' meet at least one of the following criteria:
The Product '''MUST''' meet at least one of the following criteria:

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  • Spec -- The “on paper” specification. May include a BoM, mechanical files, board files, add on cards, firmware, each of which increase specificity.
  • Device -- The original or “reference” implementation of the spec, or a secondary implementation. If secondary, could follow a spec precisely, or be a derivative of the spec
  • Implementation -- Amongst particular devices, there may still be differences (e.g. different wire runs in the board, different chip placement, etc), even if they follow the general spec. The higher the specificity in the spec (items like board files and BoMs are examples of things that increase specificity), the greater the odds that any given implementation will vary from it.


All OCP Inspired Products must adhere to the following criteria, which are subject to Foundation staff, Incubation Committee leadership, and relevant Project Lead. A product may called considered OCP INSPIRED when the following two groups of criteria are met.

The Product MUST meet at least one of the following criteria:

Product MUST fit into a 19 inch rack or Open Rack. For component-level MUST fit inside a device designed for either of those racks.


The spec associated with the Product MUST be submitted AND acknowledged by the following individuals:

A Foundation Staff member The Chair or Vice Chair of the IC Relevant Project Lead(s) -- (e.g. Server Project Lead(s) for servers, Storage Project Lead(s) for Storage).


The Product must have one of the following licenses assigned, with proof of assignment provided to and acknowledged by the Open Compute Foundation:

  • OWF (Open Web Foundation)
  • OCPHL-P (Open Compute Project Hardware License - Permissive)
  • OCPHL-R (Open Compute Project hardware License - Reciprocal)


The Product MUST also meet all of the following criteria:

The Product MUST be associated with IT computing, and/or networking, and/or storage. This association is determined by a Foundation Staff Member or representative.


The Product MUST be manufactured (that is, at least one physically available version of it must exist, even if just a prototype or engineering sample).


All OCP Accepted products must aligned to a prior Incubation Committee approved specification (aka SPECIFICATION) that has been submitted to the Incubation Committee and been approved by vote of the Incubation Committee.

Products making the claim of compliance with an approved specification SHALL provide, at a minimum, all features defined as mandatory by the use of the following keywords: SHALL - MUST - WILL - REQUIRED. Such products may also provide recommended features associated with the keyword “SHOULD” and permitted features associated with the keyword “MAY”.

A product may be called OCP ACCEPTED when ALL (6) criteria is met:

  • MUST be a product that is being manufactured
  • MUST be available for purchase by any member company within xx days. .
  • MUST meet all criteria in the SPECIFICATION described as “SHALL” or “MUST” or “WILL” or “REQUIRED” . NO exceptions are allowed.
  • The submitter has completed a self-assessment AND attests that EACH SKU (orderable part number) meets the criteria.
  • Submitter / Requestor has sent the self-assessment documentation to the Foundation.

HAS provided the Foundation with the list of SKUs and Orderable P/Ns and the documentation necessary for a re-assessment to be completed by the Foundation lab director or a 3rd Party designee, and the Foundation Staff. Acceptable documentation can be links to public information or documentation sent to the foundation. It is the submitter’s responsibility to provide ALL the documentation to prove the SPECIFICATION criteria is met.

When a product has met the criteria to be OCP ACCEPTED: The FOUNDATION will list the SKUs and Orderable P/N’s and will publish this on the OCP web portal. The Submitter may use the term “OCP ACCEPTED” per OCP terms and conditions.

If a product does NOT meet the criteria in the SPECIFICATION described as “SHALL” or “MUST”, the submitter is encouraged to contact the original SPECIFICATION author(s) with a list of differences and non-compliance. The author(s) MAY create a modification or revision to the SPECIFICATION that would allow the submitter’s product to be reconsidered. Alternatively, the submitter may author their own specification, get it approved by the Incubation Committee, and submit their product against it.