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:C&I Project Chair:
===Project Chair===
::[mailto:yf.juan@itri.org.tw YF Juan], ITRI, Voice Mail: +1 650.257.0904
:[mailto:yf.juan@itri.org.tw YF Juan], ITRI, Voice Mail: +1 650.257.0904
:C&I Project Deputy Chairs:
===Deputy Chairs===
::- (Community) [mailto:DaWane.Wanek@AVNET.COM DaWane Wanek], AVNet
:- (Community) [mailto:DaWane.Wanek@AVNET.COM DaWane Wanek], AVNet
::- (Certification) [mailto:chilung@itri.org.tw Chilung Wang], ITRI
:- (Certification) [mailto:chilung@itri.org.tw Chilung Wang], ITRI
:C&I OCP Foundation Liaison:
===OCP Foundation Liaison===
::- [mailto:hugh@opencompute.org Hugh Blemings], Director of Certification
:- [mailto:hugh@opencompute.org Hugh Blemings], Director of Certification
::- [mailto:thaoannguyen@fb.com Thao Nguyen], Director of Certification Labs
:- [mailto:thaoannguyen@fb.com Thao Nguyen], Director of Certification Labs
:C&I Project Leads Emeritus (in alphabetical order):
===C&I Project Leads Emeritus (in alphabetical order)===
::Eric Wells, Fidelity
:Eric Wells, Fidelity
::Matthew Liste, Goldman
:Matthew Liste, Goldman

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Welcome to the OCP Compliance & Interoperability Project.
This Project is open to the public and we want to welcome all those who would like to be involved.

Get Involved


This project meets annually at the OCP Summit events and periodically at regional OCP events. More information on these events and other OCP activities can be found on the OCP events page at:



This project meets every first and third Wednesday via a conference call at 7am Taiwan time. This call is open to the public*.
The agenda as well as information on how to join the call can be found at: TBD
List of meeting notes/minuets can be found here:Meeting Notes
  • On non-day light saving time in the US, the equivalent time is Tue 3pm California and Tue 6pm New York.


Mailing List - opencompute-ci@lists.opencompute.org
to subscribe - http://lists.opencompute.org/mailman/listinfo/opencompute-ci
IRC Channel - #ocp-ci on irc.freenode.ne
Website - http://www.opencompute.org/projects/compliance-and-interoperability/

C&I Project Tracks & Contact List

Project Chair

YF Juan, ITRI, Voice Mail: +1 650.257.0904

Deputy Chairs

- (Community) DaWane Wanek, AVNet
- (Certification) Chilung Wang, ITRI

OCP Foundation Liaison

- Hugh Blemings, Director of Certification
- Thao Nguyen, Director of Certification Labs

C&I Project Leads Emeritus (in alphabetical order)

Eric Wells, Fidelity
Matthew Liste, Goldman