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Meeting Notes[edit]

1/27/14-1/28/14 OCP Summit V @ San Jose Convention Center[edit]

Day 1 -- "Ready" vs. "Certified"[edit]

OCP Ready

  • Ready is executed via self tes*ting from respective hardware vendors
  • Should be considered a software only toolkit
  • Not a comprehensive certification
  • Should be included as a subset of OCP Certified
  • Purpose is to lower the barrier of entry of OCP Hardware
  • Goal is conform to OCP Hardware Management Spec (Insert link)
  • [Question] - Should recertification take place as OCP Ready iterates? (example: 1.0->1.1)

OCP Certified

  • Certification is executed by certification Labs (ITRI/UTSA)

What is the scope of the certification?

  • [Question] - Are we certifying a motherboard/Model/Sku/Bios Rev/Firmware Rev?
  • Configuration should be "Max configuration"
  • [Question] - How do we handle different components?
    • HDD Amount vs. HDD Configuration vs. Memory Population vs. Memory Amount
    • We should look to put ownership on vendor to create respective Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL) or Approved Vendor Lists (AVL) for sub components
  • [Question] - How do we handle configuration proliferation?

What are we trying to solve?

  • Needs to be clearly defined

OCP Labs

  • Cost of certifying (yet to be determined by OCP Foundation) is a revenue source for OCP
  • Official determination of certified is done by OCP, not respective Labs
  • [Question] - During certification, if a test fails, how do we notify vendor?
  • [Question] - How do we handle bios/firmware upgrades with respect to previously certified systems?
    • Possibly not charge for recertification?

Action Items:

  • Work out structure for maintaining and publishing for both Ready and Certified Packages
  • Provide documentation for Disposable OS (DOS) for USB Deployment
    • Joel Wineland
  • Identify what "Max Configuration" means, in terms of hardware to test?
    • Example: Populate all HDD bays, Memory slots, Mezz slots

Day 2 -- "Use the email list more!!!"[edit]


  • Pull Ready/Certified to top of the page (Main Page)
  • Move minimum documentation and need that within certified


  • [Question] - What does the customer need to know?
  • [Question] - What is minimum criteria?
  • Should look to focus more so on community driven support
    • Possibly look to establish a community based forum for OCP users to collbaorate/discuss deployments and reference diagrams.

Software Framework and Tools

  • We should look to move these into Ready/Certified respectively and maintain as apart of the respective release cycles

C&I Branding and Marketing

  • Hugh is now in charge
  • Needs to be defined
  • Internally we should look to evangelize/market C&I within the OCP Foundation in order to gain recognition and support


  • Remove

Project communications

  • Remove, responsibility is taken on by OCP Foundation

Pre-certification "Tested Configuration" repository

  • "Doesn't belong but don't forget"

Ecosystem Optimization

  • [Question] - Thao, is this ok?