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Cole Shared some thoughts on the C&I initiative:
  • This initiative is a top priority for OCP
  • Certified & Ready levels of certification
    • Certified is higher level -
      • Potentially bronze, silver, gold levels
    • Ready is self testing with a lighter suite for testing
  • Believes Common Criteria is a good structure/ entity to model after
    • Commoncriteriamodelportal.org

  • Any tools need to be open and available to all
  • Facebook Lenora Enterprise Group approach (spelling may be incorrect)
  • Likes the building block approach
    • Start with hardware (Hardware Management, Basic Hardware Management)
    • Move to OS (Red Hat)
    • And beyond
  • OpenCompute, being at the hardware layer, can be a lightning rod for interoperability across hardware, software, hybrid, etc.
  • Will be attractive to all parties due to efficiency and optimization it can potentially drive around integrated certification which is challenging and resource intensive for all companies
Matthew asked how can we leverage colleges for certification and to help write certification suites
  • Team agreed
  • Well include colleges
    • UNH lab is one approach
    • Could also take a more organic approach and seed several colleges with gear/ expertise/ problem to solve

Goal for end of year
  • C & I Charter
    • We are building a platform
    • Make sure it highlights plan to move up stack
    • Funding can come from vendors/groups that put OCP logo on products
    • Express intent to engage several colleges for organic growth
    • Goto opencompute github to get charter format
    • Pete Braddock will be able to help out the charter together
  • OCP U
    • David Sheridan (Stanford), MIT, Rice, Purdue