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Eric Wells
Jeff Prevost
David Duffy
Barbara Aichinger
Jie Yang
Matthew Liste
Ken Park
Howard Cohen

  • Move to Q2
    • Advisory Board
  • Notes
    • Ken Park had thoughts on an advisory board…use it as a mechanism…identify people who can help increase technical and executional exposure….different sectors, etc.
  • Physical Certification
    • Focus on hardware testing the hardware
    • Software testing the hardware
    • Manual testing
    • Is OCP going to require ECC?
      1. 2 failure in the data center is related to memory…disk is #1.
  • Out of Band Certification
    • Requirements and approaches explored
    • Would like to review straw man on May 15th.
    • Assuming IPMI will be available on systems that need hardware management spec
  • Documentation & Common
    • Team identified
  • Branding & Marketing
    • Ken Park will be part of project
  • C&I Project Communications
    • Program overview established
    • Draft communications strategy developed with internal beta's.