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Attendees (captured as many as I could, add your name if I missed you):
  • DaWane - Avnet (host while Eric was on vacation)
  • Jeff - UTSA
  • Joel - Avnet
  • Matthew - GS
  • Paul - Rackspace
  • Thao - FB
  • Russ - ZT
  • David - Canonical
  • Howard - Hyve
Thao - Discussed the inclusion of engineers to his workstream from Quanta, Wistron & Hyve. Wanted to discuss with Eric upon his return of possibly adding others interested, but wants to keep the group small.
Matthew - called for volunteers to help support his efforts on the SW side of things. Joel, David & Russ(?) raiser their hands.
DaWane - reported no progress on Standards & Practices outside the shared Evernote space with Howard. Added David & Russ for assistance.
Discussed as a group having formal assignments to each OCP subcommittee and to have that person(s) report back on the regular C&I calls as part of our recurring agenda. A new Evernote note was created to solicit volunteers for that role.
Housekeeping - verified the previous invites to the shared workspace. Other than a typo in David's email addy, all attendees had been invited and had access. No further new topics.