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These were our ten most popular sessions of the OCP Virtual Summit!

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Panel Discussion: Open Networking and SONiC

Dave Maltz, Microsoft
Pablo Espinosa, Target
Parantap Lahiri, eBay
Thomas Soupault, Criteo
Yiu Lee, Comcast
Adel Choi, Samsung
In this live panel, we will have industry leaders from various high tech industries to share their vision on open networking. We will have an open discussion on where SONiC is as a platform, what advice they could give to companies looking to OSS solutions, and what is their blueprint of infrastructure as going into the future.

Facebook Next-Gen 2S Server Architecture

Chris Chamberlin, Facebook
Damien Chong, Facebook
Yin Hang, Facebook
Introducing Sonora Pass, Facebook next-generation 2-socket server architecture. It is a base platform which supports new I/O form factors, modular expansion, support ORv2 and ORv3 ready. In this session, we will be sharing our core feature sets, design flexibility considerations, mechanical architecture, hardware security enhancement and many more.

OCP: Past, Present and Future - Presented by Facebook

Katharine Schmidtke, Facebook As we mark the transition to new decade, we reflect on the growth of OCP over past decade. Starting with a bold idea of doing hardware designs in an open ecosystem, OCP has come a long way. This talk will reflect on some of the early motivations of how the OCP came about, where we are today touching on the theme of “Open for All” and chart the potential course for the next 10 years ahead for the industry. The talk will also cover some of the challenges we face from Facebook perspective which perhaps has common pain points for all of us in the infrastructure space and hope to inspire next decade of designs, innovations and contributions into OCP that lead to building all data centers with “OCP First” philosophy.

Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling: Coldplate Enablement in Aircooled Facilities

Cam Turner, CoolT Systems
Husam Alissa, Microsoft
John Fernandes, Facebook
Projected trends in component power and density are beginning to push the limits of traditional air cooling. Closed-loop liquid cooling with effective liquid-to-air heat exchange (in short, air-assisted liquid cooling) is a potential approach to extending cooling capability of existing air-cooled facilities. Different rack-level approaches to air-assisted liquid cooling (AALC) will be previewed. The optimized and standardized RPU (reservoir and pumping unit; imagine a CDU without it’s plate heat exchanger) will form the core of any AALC solution and specific focus is placed on defining this component – form-factor, interfaces, features, etc. Short-term goals for this area involve initializing an OCP group to drive specification for and standardization of the RPU.

Emerging Networking Scenarios with SONiC - Presented by Microsoft

Dave Maltz, Microsoft SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) has been innovating fast and going beyond public clouds. In this keynote, we will present a key breakthrough in SONiC, contributions from ever-growing community, why customers choose SONiC and what enables you to adopt SONiC.

Panel: Network Operating Systems, Disaggregation and OCP Networking

Joe Whitehouse, Metaswitch
Omar Baldonado, Facebook
Pete Lumbis, Kaloom
Philippe Michelet, Datacom - Teracom
Ricardo Pianta, Telematica
Xin Liu, Microsoft
In this panel, representatives from NOS providers will share their perspectives on disaggregation, including how OCP has enabled their NOS development as well as what the OCP networking ecosystem could be doing to better help NOS providers.

Accelerating Innovation with New Solutions from Cloud to Edge - Presented by Intel

Jennifer Huffstetler, Intel Being customer focused requires us to understand more deeply infrastructure challenges and problems. Our approach is shifting from providing components to delivering value across the full platform lifecycle. Intel Vice President, Jennifer Huffstetler will discuss how Intel’s latest OCP contributions are enabling optimized solutions for growing workloads from edge to cloud.

Standalone Rack Level Liquid Cooling Solution

Albert Li, Wiwynn
Yin Hang, Facebook
The cooling for data center becomes more and more challenging as the silicon power increases significantly. Liquid cooling would be one of the solutions to meet the upcoming high power demand, while maintaining high cooling efficiency. A standalone rack level liquid cooling is one of the liquid cooling solution with high flexibility and requests no data center infrastructure change. In this solution, the heat from high power components is transferred by coolant from cold plate to the rear door heat exchanger, and then the heat is finally rejected by air. The other lower power components are cooled by air. For hardware, the design of key elements will be standardized and compatible to ORV3 and 19” rack. For software, rack management software will base on Redfish schemas to develop for interoperability and cooling efficiency optimization at run-time by continuously adjusting liquid flow speed, output of rear fan door, and fan speed of individual computer systems. It could be deployed to the existing data centers without any facility change as an interim, efficiency solution before the deployment with facility coolant. In this presentation, Wiwynn and Facebook will co-present the standalone rack level liquid cooling solution.

Cloud SSD - Microsoft/Facebook Collaboration

Lee Prewitt, Microsoft
Ross Stenfort, Facebook
Microsoft/Facebook have merged their SSD requirements into a single document. This presentation will discuss the benefits of this and how this helps both system makers and SSD providers.

Continued Intel Innovation in the Cloud and Edge - Presented by Intel

Mohan Kumar, Intel Highlight challenges and potential solutions for managing cloud at scale. In this session you’ll see how the Cloud and OCP requires not just hardware but solutions. You’ll get insights from topics such as: OCP Hardware Management Project, Intel® Firmware Support Package and Coreboot, liquid cooling solutions, Cloud Edge Server, and hear from a special guest speaker about Power Management Innovations.