Schedule Overview

Full schedule will be coming soon. Check back here for updates! There will be no agenda for Wednesday, Nov 11 in honor of Veterans Day.

Nov 9

OCP Foundation Day

  • A look back at the 2019/2020 Key Accomplishments and Strategic Actions
  • A sneak peak at the 2021 Technology Initiatives (from our community’s perspective) and how OCP will address these future trends
  • Announcements on new Contributions Requirements and changes to Recognition Programs for Facilities/Products
  • High level Snapshot of all the current active OCP Projects
  • Explanation of Project Group & their charter
  • Update on their currently workload
  • Best ways to get involved

Nov 10 / Nov 12 / Nov 13

Engineering Workshop Tracks - more details to come

  • Technical deep dives and plenty of time for interactive discussions on current project activity
  • These sessions are not meant to be introductory in nature but progressive
  • The volunteer leaders and key contributors are looking for feedback and will be facilitating real-time decisions during the sessions
  • Emphasis is on cross collaboration across projects and other industry organizations.