Join us this spring for the 2022 OCP Tech Talk Series!

This series of OCP Engineering Workshops will serve as a great touch-point for the OCP Projects in between Summits. Led by the Project Leads and Incubation Committee members, these virtual workshops will provide an opportunity for the OCP Community to connect and collaborate.

The purpose of these talks is to provide the broader community information about:

  1. Significant contribution announcements
  2. Updates on project/sub-project/workstream activities
  3. Identify new workstreams
  4. Gather input on new concepts

Registration is FREE and all talks will be recorded and posted on the OCP YouTube channel post event.

Please find the current schedule of Tech Talks below. Click here to view the on-demand videos of previous Tech Talks. 

Date Time Tech Talk
April 21 8:30-10:30am PT OCP Foundation Overview - On Demand
April 26 8:30-11:30am PT Server 1 - sponsored by Google, Meta, Intel - On Demand
April 27 8:30-11:30am PT Server 2 - sponsored by Google, Meta, Intel - On Demand
May 3 8:30-11:30am PT Security - sponsored by Google - On Demand
May 5 8:30-11:30am PT Rack & Power - On Demand
May 10 8:30-11:30am PT Networking 1 - sponsored by Meta - On Demand
May 11 8:30-11:30am PT Networking 2 - sponsored by Meta - On Demand
May 12 8:30-11:30am PT Networking 3 - sponsored by Meta - On Demand
May 17 8:30-11:30am PT Open Systems Firmware - On Demand
May 19 8:30-11:30am PT Data Center Facility - On Demand
May 24 8:30-11:30am PT Cooling Environments 1 - Register
May 25 8:30-11:30am PT Cooling Environments 2 - Register
May 26 8:30-11:30am PT Hardware Management - Register
May 31 9-11:30am PT Storage - sponsored by Meta - Register
June 2 8:30-11:30am PT Time Appliances Project (TAP) - Register
June 7 8:30-11:30am PT Telco 1 - Register
June 8 8:30-11:30am PT Telco 2 - Register

Click here to download OCP slide templates.

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