Submission Requirements & Instructions

​​The 2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Call for Papers submission period has closed.

Below is an outline of the deadlines and guidelines:

 May 3  Call for Papers Open
 July 30  Call for Papers Closes
 August 20  Authors Notified if Accepted or Rejected
 August 20  Poster & Presentation Submission Period Opens
 September 24  Poster & Presentation Submission Period Closes
 September 24 -   October 1  Review Period & Final Feedback to Authors
 October 8  Final Posters & Presentations Due







This year, the OCP Symposium has invited authors to submit papers in the following areas: 

  • Sustainability and Data Center Efficiency 

    • The topics of interest will lead to reducing the carbon footprint of the cloud operators by 2030.  Topics can be technology, policy, tools, organizational behaviors, or any other topics associated with carbon reduction and sustainability. The OCP Future Technologies Initiative focuses on building partnerships across our industry and the local governments where we operate to jointly reduce greenhouse gas pollution, like President Biden’s 2030 announcement.

  • Power Delivery and Efficiency 

    • Papers of interest are focused on increasing efficiency of these compute, storage, and network systems.  Power efficiency is a common overarching problem from the data center industry and we’d like to hear the best ideas to increase capability while reducing overall power demand in operations.  Scope of this topic starts with power delivery through end node usage.  (Efficiencies examined at the data center or beyond will be included in the ‘Sustainability and Data Center Efficiency’ track.

  • High Performance and Hardware Acceleration

    • We are soliciting papers on new high performance and hardware acceleration technologies.  Scope of this track includes high performance computing, application-specific computing, hardware/software co-design, interconnects, and the underlying enabling technologies.  As performance gains from general purpose processors has slowed, our industry is now leaning towards performance-based systems and acceleration of functional computing - please submit your research and ideas here! 

  • Networking

    • This topic area covers all network-related functions.  Networking continues to provide optimization opportunities for our industry.  Please submit your architecture, fabric, topology, optical, and related networking approaches here!  

  • Other (any submissions not covered by other topic categories)

Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted or reviewed. All submissions must include:

  • Two-page paper with the IEEE two-column conference proceeding format
  • List of authors, including one member (at a minimum) available to travel to the event
  • Original work done by the author(s)
  • Clearly articulate the problem statement
  • Clearly identify the methodology proposed to address the problem
  • Provide a section on the results or findings

All papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee and the OCP Symposium Team. The authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to submit a poster and present their work at the OCP Future Technologies Symposium. Posters will be showcased and available to all attendees during the OCP Global Summit in San Jose, CA. 

There will be a $10,000 award granted to the selected winner.

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