(Re)Designing Collaboration


Free Virtual Event
DATE: Tuesday, October 6
TIME: 9-12:15pm PT

The global Coronavirus pandemic impacted the IT industry dynamics, making traditional processes irreverent. To operate effectively and to meet the new demands of the post-Covid future, there is a need to redefine the way we communicate, collaborate, and develop new technologies today.   

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium team invites you to join an interactive experience: "(Re)Designing Collaboration", with keynote presentations from people in academia and industry and virtual exchange sessions on lessons learned, effective remote collaboration and practices to respond to crisis.


  • Learn - to know how others are adopting and solving the crisis-related challenges
  • Inspire - to be aware of what are the existing solutions and models to apply in your organization
  • Collaborate - to understand how our Community members can cooperate to solve the future IT challenges together


9:00 AM  -  Kick-off  -  Allan Smith, Facebook
9:05 AM  -  Meeting the Challenge with Spartan Spirit at Silicon Valley’s Public University  -  David Parent, SJSU 
9:35 AM  -  Academia Panel  
 - Arvind Krishnamurthy, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering  
 - David Woolf, UNH InterOperability Laboratory 
 - Tian Gu, MIT  
10:05 AM  -  30 Global Workstreams: Designing Return to Office for Facebook, Inc in 6 Weeks - Allan Smith, Facebook 
10:35 AM  -  Break / Engagement 
10:45 AM  -  Migrating In-Person Events to Virtual - Jeremy Muir, FNTECH
11:15 AM  -  What’s changed about how we work? - Jonathan Heiliger, Vertex Ventures
11:45 AM  -  Pivoting Quickly in a Virtual World - Mitch Glaser, AirBnB
12:15 PM  -  Wrap-up - Allan Smith, Facebook, and Lesya Dymyd, 2CRSi


The OCP Future Technologies Symposium is playing an important role in the OCP Community as a forward-looking funnel of ideas and innovative solutions for the industry to adopt and bring people from academia, startups, industry, venture and analyst companies to deliver and commercialize future technologies. To learn more, please join the OCP Symposium mailing list.