2019 OCP Global Summit Symposium Results

The Winning Poster:

Congratulations to Tian Gu from MIT on his innovative concept of High-performance Polymer Optic and Photonic Devices for Chip-scale Optical Interconnects. For winning, he received an Oculus Rift.

2019 OCP Regional Summit Symposium Results


  • Winners!
    • IBM: Open Tape for Open Compute - Brief, Paper
    • UT Austin: Collaboration between CPU and Near-Data Accelerators for ML Training - Brief
  • 2crsi: Towards Industrialized Performance and Quality control - Brief
  • High Efficiency Data Center PSU - Brief
  • LiquidBrain: Massively Parallel Liquid Cooling for AI Supercomputing - Brief
  • Osaka University & Fujitsu: Experimental evaluation of cooling performance for liquid immersion - Brief, Video
  • Northwestern University & NCHC: Clonezillafor ONIE - Brief
  • San Jose State University: Computation Aspect of Memristor Memories - Brief
  • Telescent: Automated, Open Meet-Me-Room - Brief
  • University of Southhampton: Opxen Access Silicon Photonics Foundry - Brief

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 New Technologies Symposium: The University of Texas at Austin, and The University of Southampton for their Open Silicon Photonics submission. Both winners were awarded an Oculus Rift.