1. Innovation: to bring to the OCP Community a forward-looking funnel of new technologies and accelerate their productization

2. Technology scale: focus on technologies that can help grow, drive, and support the open hardware ecosystem in, near, and around the datacenter and beyond

3. People: connect best-in-class researchers to the professional community for purposes of collaboration, training and recruitment

By year-end 2022, a key success metric is adoption. Adoption can be either OCP members adopting technologies from Symposium, or investing in research

Technology Focus Areas

  • Network: switches, topologies, optics, edge, interconnect, NIC, fleet tracking / management, etc.
  • Storage: media, systems, architecture, archival, memory, data security, etc.
  • Compute / AI: servers, microprocessors, logic, AI, ASIC, etc.
  • Infrastructural Technologies: data center, thermal, mechanical, renewables, power, etc.