OCP Experience Lab

New to the OCP Summit!

As a new addition to the 2019 OCP Summit, OCP dedicated space where Members, Solution Providers and Partners showcased a variety of solutions built on OCP hardware. These solutions included both static and live demonstrations.

"The purpose of the OCP Experience Lab is to encourage participants to see firsthand the latest innovations and interoperability that is built onto hardware based on OCP principles” stated Rajeev Sharma, Director of Software and Technologies for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

Below are demonstrations that were seen at the 2019 OCP Global Summit:

  • Open System Firmware (OSF)

    • Participants: Facebook, Intel & Google

    • Demo topics: Linux Boot (LB), Firmware Support Packages (FSPs), Linux boot (LB) and UEFI. The end user can take advantage of the Open Source Firmware eco-system for faster platform enabling. The users can explore and do proof of concepts on open source firmware.

  • NVMe Value Prop

    • Participants: Intel and Facebook

    • Demo topics: Explore disaggregated OCP storage solution to highlight the NVMe value proposition. The key innovations to explore here are: OCP solution stack for disaggregated flash storage-RocksDB on JBOF lightening, performance and capacity trade-offs, address stranded flash capacity and take advantage of OCP disaggregated flash solutions.

  • NIC 3.0

    • Participants: Facebook, Mellanox, QCT, Broadcom, Intel and TE

    • Demo topics: Workability/Interoperability of NIC 3.0 feature sets on different HW platforms.

  • Edge cloud capability

    • Participants: Nokia and OpenStack.

    • Demo topics: Edge cloud capabilities in a low latency use case with AR/VR content

  • ESA Chassis

    • Participant: MITAC

    • Demo topics: Gain familiarity with the ESA rack with 4 Tioga Pass Node

For questions about the OCP Experience Lab and how to get involved for 2020, contact Rajeev Sharma at rajeev@opencompute.org.