3-24-20 UPDATE

  • OCP has selected Intrado as our partner for hosting the Virtual Global Summit. Intrado is an innovative, cloud-based technology that offers a full suite of tools and resources. 
  • The OCP Virtual Summit will be a 3D environment that will be best experienced on a laptop or desktop computer, however a simplified mobile responsive version will also be available for attendees. No additional hardware, software or plugins will be required.
  • The OCP Virtual Summit will cover three full days, Tuesday May 12 – Thursday May 14, with a full day dedicated to the Future Technologies Symposium on Friday, May 15. 
  • Registration will be free for ALL attendees. While we cannot accurately predict at this time the expected attendance, we do conservatively believe that we will attract a more global, and much larger audience than the in-person event, which at the time of the cancellation was forecasted to be between 3,500 and 4,000 attendees.
  • The online content, including the virtual sponsor booths, will be available until the start of the next in-person Global Summit in San Jose, CA (March 4-5th, 2021). 

For questions about the OCP Virtual Summit, reach out to the appropriate person below:

Engineering Workshop Sessions Archna Haylock
(Booths, Executive Tracks, Expo Hall Talks)
Jacki Krawiecki
Keynotes Bill Carter
OCP Symposium Kate Hendle
OCP Experience Center Rajeev Sharma
Media/Press Releases/
Announcements to OCP Community
Dirk Van Slyke
Registration or General Event Questions Kali Burdette


3-5-20 UPDATE

OCP Summit attendees and sponsors, we’re excited to announce that we are moving our 2020 Global Summit to an interactive Virtual Global Summit  the week of May 11, 2020!

For the safety of our Community, we chose to cancel the 2020 OCP Global Summit, and have worked tirelessly over the past few days to develop a go-forward plan that will allow us to capitalize on the excitement and momentum that was generated.

What you can expect:

  • This will be a rich, interactive experience that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, that incorporates all the key components of our Global Summit, including keynote sessions, executive tracks, an Expo Hall with Expo Hall talks, Engineering Workshops, the OCP Experience Center and the OCP Future Technologies Symposium. This format will allow us to reach a larger audience, with increased functionality for Q&A, panel discussions, live chat, and one-on-one connections with key constituencies that you expect from our Summit.

Sponsorship and registration fees:

  • As always, our Sponsors are a critical element to the success of our Community. Sponsors may simply apply their commitment to this virtual event, with no additional costs. The OCP Foundation will bear the incremental expenses for creating this event, and seek to provide even more value through broader reach and additional capabilities compared to our onsite event. If a Sponsor chooses not to participate, they may request a partial refund on their sponsorship commitment. Per terms of the sponsorship agreement and actual expenses already incurred, that refund is projected to be 13%. 
  • The OCP Foundation will refund all attendee registration fees. We will be issuing those refunds as quickly as we can over the coming days. (These do not include the complimentary passes that come with a sponsorship package.)
  • The OCP Foundation will also cover the expense of any unused hotel nights within the OCP block, during OCP contracted dates. We will be working with our hotel partners to determine which room nights were used, compared to those that were forfeited. You can expect refunds for your hotel charges within the next two weeks.
  • Unused sponsor meeting room fees will be refunded.

We would like to thank our Board of Directors, volunteer leadership, Sponsors and many partners, including our amazing event production company FNTECH, who have worked with us during this trying time.

We are excited that we will be able to capitalize on the hard work our Members and Community leaders put into this event and continue to carry forward our mission.

Sponsors and Participants, set your calendars for the week of May 11, 2020.  Additional details and direct communications will follow on all the aspects of our go-forward plan.



Due to the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) today increased the assessment of the risk of spread and impact of COVID-19 to very high at the global level, and additional cases reported in key regions including Santa Clara County (California), the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) has decided to cancel the OCP Global Summit next week.

Therefore, all events are cancelled at this time, including the Future Technology Symposium and the Open System Firmware Hack event.

A lot of work has been done in preparation for this event, including important product rollouts, company announcements, and innovations from our member companies. We would like to work with you on following through with those announcements to the Community, and the industry at large, over the next week.

We will also be creating a plan to convert all the amazing content whereby our sponsors and exhibitors can still share their capabilities and innovations with key constituencies in order to further the innovations among our Community. More details to come, but we will try to create this event to take place as soon as possible.

Furthermore, we will still determine the winner of the Future Technologies Symposium next week, make that announcement, share all the amazing posters and innovations submitted, and award the $10,000 prize.

Over the next few days, we will be determining the exact impact and communicating to you our decisions on the terms of the cancellation for both attendees and sponsors.

A reliable source of updates on the Coronavirus can be found here as you determine the best ways to keep yourself, your families, and your colleagues safe during this time:https://www.who.int/.

The OCP Team will be in the Bay area next week, so please reach out to us if you would like to get together.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Your OCP Team