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Engineering Workshops & Keynotes

Engineering Workshop Sessions

The Call for Participation is now closed. Check out the Summit schedule here.

If you are a speaker for the 2020 OCP Global Summit, click here for the slide template.

Also, speakers please adhere to the following deadlines and guidelines:

Nov 6

Call for Participation Open

Dec 3

Call for Participation Submission Deadline at 5pm PST. (Linklings system will close)

Dec 16-20

Speakers Notified (via Linklings tool)

Jan 24

Speakers' Draft Slides Due

Feb 14

Speakers' Final Slides Due









Criteria for Engineering Workshop Session Presentations

- Your organization has already presented a concept or a specification to the project community AND it has been approved by the Project Leaders as being relevant to the broader open community

- Your organization is launching an architecture based on OCP solutions, testing software on OCP solutions or developing a tool to support OCP product(s) 

- Your product is based on an approved OCP specification/design package and you want to talk about your OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ product.

- Your facility is utilizing OCP solutions and you want to talk about your OCP Ready™ facility 

- Your organization has adopted OCP solutions in your infrastructure and can openly discuss the experience.

- If the current Project community is discussing ongoing work streams and you have additional information in support of these work streams and the data is open for discussion and the information has been approved by the Project Leaders, you may present such findings at the OCP Engineering Workshop Track Sessions. 


Please note:  Acceptance of an abstract does not guarantee a speaking engagement of any sort. All presentations submitted must use the OCP slide templates and must be submitted by the deadlines as set forth by OCP. All presentation submissions will be reviewed and prioritized by the OCP Foundation, the OCP Volunteer Leadership. The OCP Foundation may accept or reject any presentation at its sole discretion at any time.

Sponsored Sessions - Executive Tracks and Expo Hall Talks: 

For organizations participating as Summit sponsors: Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby levels include speaking slots. Our Executive Tracks & Expo Hall Talks are tied to these sponsorships. If you are interested in these, please send inquiries to 

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