Disaggregated Spine and Leaf Network Topology for the Data Center

Bare-metal switches and Cumulus Linux allows organisations to benefit from the cost of commodity infrastructure and break traditional vendor lock-in. Cumulus Linux provides a scalable solution with reduced complexity and increased automation providing operational efficiency.

Cumulus Linux delivers a software defined network (SDN) solution for large data centers, cloud computing and enterprise environments that provides standard networking functions such as bridging, routing, VLANs, MLAGs, IPv4/IPv6, OSPF/BGP, access control, VRF and VXLAN overlays.

The solution is compatible with OCP OpenRack V1 and V2 as well as industry standard 19” racks.

100GB Spine switches run a 100GB connection to the Leaf switches. There is a choice of Leaf
switches; The AS7726-32X with 32 x 100GB ports, using 100GB for uplink and 100GB to 4 x 25GB breakout cables to provide 25GB within the rack. The AS7326-56X has 8 x 100GB ports for Uplink and 48 x dedicated 25GB. All 25GB ports can also run at 10GB.

A management network using 1GB AS4610 can also be provided under Cumulus so that the
complete environment can be managed from a single point. Alternatively, many OCP rack
architectures use NC-SI (A protocol that enables the connection of a Baseboard Management Controller to a set of Network Interface Controllers in server computer systems for the purpose of
enabling out-of-band remote manageability). This can be delivered from the Top of Rack (TOR) without the need for dedicated management switches.

Interconnects - Edgeware transceivers and interconnects have been rigorously tested with Edgecore and Cumulus to ensure compatibility.

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  • Model #: Disaggregated Spine and Leaf Network


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