Nautilus Data Technologies Stockton 1 Data Center

7MW high-performance concurrently maintainable data center with zero water waste or consumption and a 75% reduction in system losses versus the industry average.

All vaults support high density and can accommodate customer deployments from a rack to a full vault. Open to various rack sizes via an interface frame and compatible with immersion, direct-to-chip, or rear door cooling.

Located in the Port of Stockton, a Tier 1 Homeland Security Port, the campus offers enhanced security and is outside of seismic zones and flood plain.

Key Features

  • 7MW: 4 VaultsThree 2MW vaults, One 1MW vault for innovation
  • 1.15 PUE every day of the year with zero water consumption, zero chemicals, zero refrigerants
  • Compatible with immersion, direct-to-chip, or rear door cooling units
  • Rack size agnostic with the utilization of interface frame


  • 55kW for 30” racks, 35kW for 24” racks when using rear-door cooling units
  • N+1 Electrical and mechanical redundancy at a minimum


  • Each data hall has four parallel 675kW leak-proof cooling distribution units configured in a “4 to make 3” configuration, each fed by redundant open-loop systems
  • System is under vacuum –  meaning there is no threat of leaks or water touching an IT load; designed to maintain ASHRAE A1 Standards


  • Campus delivers prime last-mile connectivity; 18-mile 288-strand redundant fiber ring connects our carrier-neutral data center to the local carrier hotel, providing direct connectivity to all cloud and communication providers
  • 100MB, 1GB, 10Gb, and 100GB port sizes are available based upon the provider 
  • Two diverse fiber paths into the data center, direct fiber to rack available

Security & Compliance

  • Tier 1 Homeland Security Port with on-premise 24x7x365 security team, plus land and waterway patrols by Homeland Security, Coast Guard, and Stockton’s Sheriff’s Department

  • Certifications and Compliance: SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 1, PCI-DSS 2.0, NIST (800-53), HIPAA

Product Information

  • Part #: Stockton 1 Data Center

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