Kao Data DC1 KLONDC1 (London, UK)

Kao Data Ltd – Wholesale and Co-location Data Centre; 8.8MW, ultra-low PUE facility with power densities up to 3kW/m2 with ‘Flexible resilience’.

Kao Data's committment to provide OCP-Ready™ infrastructure and colocation is in-line with our continuing mission to develop and operate data centres for advanced and high performance computing.

The Kao Data London One facility meets the OCP's Optimum Standard in their Data Center Facility Project and achieves compliance across all five functional areas that the OCP Pilot programme scruitinizes. This includes over 75% in the "Optimum" category, meaning installed systems go beyond the base requirement - ensuring "future proof" compliance with emerging standards.

With design inspired by hyperscale, powered by 100% renewable energy and offering a PUE of <1.2 even at partial load, Kao Data is ideally suited to cater for Open Compute Deployments and per-populated OCP racks.

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  • Part #: KLON DC1 – TS01 to TS04

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