OCP Japan is Running Hot!

Last week the OCP-Japan Community hosted a fantastic quarterly meet up in Tokyo. It was attended by over 100 people and was held at the Microsoft office in Shinagawa - with representatives from all over Japan. Adopters, suppliers. solution providers, data center operators and eng (...)

OCP Announces Advanced Cooling Solutions Sub Project

The Open Compute Project leadership is responding to an industry need to collaborate on liquid cooling and other advanced cooling approaches. OCP has formed the ADVANCED COOLING SOLUTIONS sub-project to 1)harmonize the supply chain thus enabling deliver of building blocks for wider, quicker, and eas (...)

Become An Open Networking Expert!

Are you interested in open source networking but aren't sure you have the right skillset to take advantage of the new tools in the market? Well, that's what Cumulus boot camps are for! Join an in-person training on July 17 with OCP in Mountain View, CA and get the hands-on practic (...)