Just announced, New Executive Track Talk: Learning from Hyperscale To Help You Get Started in Open Source, at the upcoming OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam.

Aaron Sullivan, OCP Incubation Committee Co-Chair, will provide advice on best practices and methods adopting Open Source Hardware from someone who has spent time in Enterprise, Telco and Hyperscale infrastructure environments, and has been with OCP since its early days.

Aaron has served as a member on the committee since late 2012. Over the last 20 years, Aaron has worked in Security, Networking, Performance Research, Product Development, Cloud Infrastructure and is focused on infrastructure development after the end of Moore’s Law. Aaron was a Distinguished Engineer at Rackspace, and lead the development and deployment of Open Compute-based systems there. Earlier in his career, he held roles at AT&T, SBC and GE.

Immediately following Aaron’s talk, there will be a Panel Discussion, presented by Facebook,  with both vendors and adopters at various stages of deployment of Open Source hardware, including OCP gear. Liz Cruz, associate director at IHS Markit in the Cloud and Data Center Research Practice, will be the moderator. Liz has a decade of experience in the technology sector and has spent the last 7 years understanding how digitization, the outsourcing of data center management, economic factors, and a focus on sustainability is changing the physical infrastructure for data centers. As a frequent commentator on industry trends, speaker at data center related events, and contributor to technology news publications, she is considered an expert on colocation and cloud, data center power & cooling, and the modularization of data center infrastructure. 

On the second day of the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam, Liz and IHS Markit will also be presenting the findings of research recently initiated by the Open Compute Project Foundation to analyze the current and future state of data center efficiency in the European region, and how OCP equipment plays a role.

Sponsor and speaking opportunities are still available for the OCP Regional summit, but sponsor sales end August 24. Registration is currently open for attendance and the limited spots are filling up.

You can see the ever-growing schedule for the upcoming OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam here: https://www.opencompute.org/summit/regional-summit-2018/schedule

Learn about sponsorships and register to attend here: https://www.opencompute.org/summit/regional-summit-2018

Keep in mind, sponsor sales end Friday August 24, and a few spots still remain open.