Submer Launches SmartPodX โ€“ The World's First Green OCP & Hyperscale-ready Immersion Cooling Solution

Submer announces the launch of the new SmartPodX platform – the world’s first liquid immersion cooling system that conforms to standard 19-inch server formats and also to Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications for high-performance, supercomputing, and hyperscale infrastructures.

Research and commercial organizations need to increase computing performance and lower costs to innovate and remain competitive. And reducing energy consumption and environmental impact have become moral and regulatory imperatives. But chips and processors are reaching the physical limits of performance at the quantum level, so new solutions are needed.


Dramatic Energy and Cost Savings with Higher Compute Density

Submer Immersion Cooling addresses these issues by thinking outside the server box – devising an innovative line of horizontal racks that fully immerse computers and servers in a proprietary dielectric fluid – delivering exceptional performance, increasing compute densities in a fraction of the footprint, and dramatically lowering electric consumption.

At the 2019 OCP Global Summit, Submer will demonstrate this new line of immersion cooling SmartPods designed for the next generation of high-performance supercomputers built to the latest OCP specifications. These SmartPods will allow the creation of the world’s first GREEN supercomputers.

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer, said, “The Open Compute Project exists to reimagine computing hardware and develop a set of standards that bring greater efficiency, scalability, openness, and impact – making all of our lives better. This makes the OCP Summit the perfect opportunity to launch our hyper-efficient immersion cooling system that will power the next generation of high-performance servers and supercomputers and usher in a new wave of research and technical innovation.”

Submer will have working demonstrations of the new supercomputing SmartPods at 2019 OCP Global Summit, in San Jose, March 14th & 15th. Additional information, including registration information, is available at

About Submer Immersion Cooling
Submer Immersion Cooling is changing datacenters from the ground up. Their innovative technology generates a reduction in overall footprint and radically reduces the consumption of electricity and water – lowering costs and saving precious resources. Launched in 2015, their multinational team of technology professionals have a passion to create these next generation server platforms for hyperscale, high-performance, and datacenter computing. Discover Submer for yourself: