OCP Summit Track News: Tracks 4-7

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our OCP Community updated, here is the next edition of the blog series "OCP Summit Track News."

Track 4-7 (Networking)

The Networking Project in the Open Compute Project is our largest community and continues to grow at a rapid pace. In 2017 OCP launched our Marketplace where consumers can quickly find OCP Inspired™ and OCP Accepted™ products available today. Network products today represent 35% - 40% of the listed products. For the 2018 OCP Summit, the Networking Project leads have the traditional roundtable with case studies, but they have also created four Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) tracks to allow attendees to more easily identify with fellow travelers on the open source journey.   

The Case Studies & Round Table track has a very informative session planned, with both adopters and suppliers discussing all aspects of the open network. There are discussions regarding software and hardware, including the deployment of OCP gear for WIFI connectivity at the Summit itself.

The SAI & Programmability BOF will cover the details of Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) and then go into detail around the testing and load balancing needed in the solution, along with programmability of silicon used in the network. These concepts and solutions are provided to the Community by industry experts who are active contributors and want to address these requirements and collaborate on how to make them open.

The SONiC BOF will provide information about lessons learned and how to work with software for open networking in the cloud (SONiC). This track will provide real life use cases and tips on how to scale your data center for networking. There is also a session on Open Networking Install Environment (ONIE).

The Optics BOF is expanding on Andy Bechtolsheim's keynote on Day 1, discussing how 100G and 400G are being implemented today and in next generation data networks. The session includes recommendations for working with open standards software and open networking technologies.


The Telemetry BOF will cover open networking telemetry and analytics with a demo of FBOSS running on the Wedge100 and attendees will here from Alibaba on their deployment of SONiC.

As you can clearly see, the Networking Project has been busy with more initiatives and new forms of collaboration. Subgroups have formed as their discussion warrants more time and attention. To get familiar with this project group, please subscribe to the Networking mailing list and familiarize yourself with their Networking Charter.

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