OCP Summit Track News: Tracks 15-18: Telco, C&I, Adoption Stories & IHS Markit Results

It is the week before the OCP Summit. If you have not registered, please do so ASAP. You would hate to miss the opportunity to hear some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders and experts talk about their open products, the trends they are driving in the open source community and witness the changing landscape of the cloud.

Our last Summit Track News blog brings details about our Telco and Compliance and Interoperability Projects and a new segment called Adoption Stories. Read on to see what these communities and adopters have been working on! 

Track 15: Telco

This community is one of our fastest growing and contributing communities. Market research also confirms this industry is projecting a fast pace transition to open hardware.  They have started exploring the fringes of the cloud - literally at the edge. Nokia will talk about the deployment of OCP gear in their infrastructure, SK Telecom will talk about hardware monitoring and ADLink will showcase their edge computing solutions. You will hear about other open source organizations like MEF and CORD. Companies like Radisys, AT&T and Marvell will provide insight on the Universal Customer Premise Equipment and Passive Optical Networks and how to use CORD and ONAP on OCP equipment. This track is so packed with leading edge technology and this Community has really changed the pace of collaboration. I encourage you to listen in and get to know how this group is making trends.

Track 16: C&I (Compliance and Interoperability)

C&I is often underestimated but is extremely critical in an open environment. How the OCP hardware interacts with open source software is imperative. Working with sister organizations like the Linux Foundation, our suppliers can truly provide an open solution. University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab provides open communities like OCP, LF, CORD, ONF and others a place where we can perform plugfests and interoperability testing. The results are extremely valuable to the contributors and adopters, alike. Suppliers rely on these platforms to understand how to improve their products and processes and then bring them back to the community to share. The last session in this track is just such an example where Wiwynn will discuss DRAM manufacturing test results with the open community.

Why OCP? 

Track 17: Adoption Stories

This track is geared towards the business development and sales crowd. It answers the question - "Why should I adopt OCP?" You will hear from two adopters of OCP Solutions - Arctic Circle and Adobe. They will explain why OCP was selected and how it has benefitted their bottom line.

Track 18: IHS Markit Results

For those that missed our blog, check it out here. Read this first and then come hear about the actual results of this study. "2017 OCP YoY growth from non-board member companies was 103%." What do we mean by non-board member companies? These are companies that do not sit on the OCP Board. OCP has reached higher, striving beyond expectations, scaling across platforms, markets and geographies. Here you can find the details of the study and start to understand the strength and impact of OCP.  If you are not yet a member and are wondering if you should join, here is a good place to learn why.