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The Nomination Period for the 2018 Project Lead Elections has ended. Below are the nominees, listed alphabetically by Project and their last name. If only one candidate or team is listed, those Project Lead(s) have run unopposed and are the new co-leader(s) by default.

The Telco Project is the only project group for which an election is required. Please click here to cast a vote in this election.*

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2018-2020 Project Leaders Nominees

Election Status

Hardware Management

Hemal Shah (Broadcom) & Norman James (IBM)



Omar Baldonado (Facebook) & Scott Emery (Cumulus)


Rack & Power

Steve Mills (Facebook) & Caleb Lusk (Rittal)



John Stuewe (Dell) & Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)



Jorge Campello (Western Digital) & Jason Adrian (Microsoft)



Craig White (Nokia) & Sumithra Bhojan (AT&T) - running as co-leads


Jeff Sharpe (ADLink) & Joon Sung (SK Telecom) - running as co-leads

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Telco Project Co-Lead Team Candidates

Team 1

 Craig White (Nokia) & Sumitra Bhojan (AT&T)

Craig White

Professionally, I support the adoption of OCP specifications into the Telco environment. I have worked with the Nokia team to make several Telco/NEBS enhancements to OpenRack including -48V and HVDC inputs into the power shelves, EMI shielding options, and Zone 4 Earthquake certification. Most recently completing work on a Skylake motherboard with support for high packet throughput VNF’s, and also having hot swappable high-speed storage options.  I also assist several software teams to validate and develop enhancements to telco related open software stacks on integrated OCP hardware cabinets many based on Openstack and also the VNF’s that run on these stacks. I also have several patents related to core backbone networking.


OCP Community based, I have been involved in the OCP Telco Project since the formation meetings of the group. I was privileged to serve as a founding co-lead of the project and established many of the administrative aspects of the project. It will be an honor to serve the Telco project as a co-lead with Sumithra. It is my belief that open communities are fundamental building blocks towards the future of technology.  I have contributed to many IETF RFCs and co-authored several addressing software disaggregation of network link technologies.

Sumithra Bhojan

Sumithra Bhojan is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T with focus on Technology Design and Architecture for Broadband Wireline Access systems.

I support and drive AT&T’s vision of transitioning access technology architecture using SDN/NFV and open hardware and open software solution. I have been involved with the OCP community for the past two years and have collaborated with operators and telco suppliers on several OCP specification for G.fast DPU and xPON OLT. I am also involved with other open community projects such as VOLTHA in ONF and ONAP under Linux foundation. It will be an honor to serve the Telco project as a co-lead with Craig White. I look forward to contributing to the OCP community.

Team 2

Jeff Sharpe (ADLINK) & Joon Sung (SK Telecom)

Jeff Sharpe

Located in Portland, Oregon, Jeff Sharpe is the Director of Product Strategy and Business Development for ADLINK’s Network and Communications Product Portfolio.  Key focus is on product investment strategies, Business & Market Development for the NFV/SDN/MEC/IoT markets.

Jeff has over 36 years of Telecom and Data Communications experience with the key focus on network evolution strategies and product delivery.  Prior to ADLINK, Jeff was Senior Manager of Solutions at Radisys and Managing Director of Next Generation Platform Products at Nortel Networks.  

Joon Sung

Dr. Joon Hyun  Sung serves as Leader of Cloud Intelligence Lab at SK Telecom. His team develops the analytics platform for Telco data centers and 5G network, which is an operation intelligence and automation system exploiting massive data generated from physical/virtual infrastructure. This system is now used for everyday operation in SK Telecom’s data center and OSS systems.

Joon has led the adoption of OCP at SK Telecom. His team conducted a trial of OCP gears at SK Telecom, which was shared at OCP U.S. Summit in 2017 and 2018. His team also contributed OCP specifications: T-CAP (a server-switch for network analysis) and AF-Media (a storage server for high-density storage system). In particular, T-CAP is adopted in the implementation of the analytics platform above mentioned. Last two years, he has assisted co-leads, Kang Won and Bryan, and OCP Foundation with their management and coordination in Telco Group.

He has 15 years of experience in the fields of telecommunication and information technology. Before joining SK Telecom, he led the software development in a software-defined radio system in Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Since he joined SK Telecom, he was one of the pioneering members who introduced LTE. He also has experience of technology strategy and technology-based business development in the areas of big data, video surveillance, and artificial intelligence. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and the M.S. and B.S. degrees from Seoul National University.