OCP new incubation Sub-Project: Advanced Cooling Facilities is launched!!

OCP is launching a new incubation Sub-Project under our Data Center Facilities Project! The Advanced Cooling Facilities (ACF) Sub-Project will be collaborating on the integration of Advanced Cooling Solutions (ACS) into Data Center Facilities (DCF) via liquid distribution.  Participants of the ACF Sub-Project community will endeavor to develop solutions, seek guidance and create reference designs that enable ACS deployment in both new and existing data centers, with a special focus on OCP Ready™ data centers. 

Primary interests in the Advanced Cooling Facilities Sub-Project community include:

  • Minimizing risk, time and operational impact related to installation of ACS liquid solutions
  • Collaborating on and simplifying guidance for scalability of liquid cooled ACS solutions over the life of the data center 
  • Optimizing energy efficiency and reuse potential of data centers via liquid cooled ACS solutions

To get involved: 

1) Please become an OCP member and join the ACF Mailing List

2) Get familiar with the details on the Sub-Project on the ACF Wiki

3) Participate in our first call on Aug 4th at 8am PT/11am ET. Check our Project Calendar for more info. Call Info and agenda will be published via the mailing list reflector. 


Please contact OCP for any questions or info!