OCP Marketplace Hits 100!

One year ago, the Open Compute Project (OCP) launched its Marketplace, which lists products that have achieved OCP Inspired™ and OCP Accepted™ recognition.  All these products are available from a licensed OCP Solution Provider. Today, the marketplace hits 100! 

The Open Compute Project, launched in 2011, embarked on a journey to reimagine hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable by breaking open the black box of proprietary IT infrastructure in order to achieve greater choice, customization and cost savings.  Therefore, it’s symbolic that the Cumulus Express 10128 became the 100th product on the marketplace. Cumulus Networks was the original contributor of ONIE (the Open Network Install Environment) which has become the standard for open switchgear and enabled the industry to choose open source operating systems and network software. 

The Cumulus Express 10128 is a 128-port, 100GbE open networking switch, which is preloaded with the Cumulus Linux operating system, installed with an active license key, and bundled with 3-years of support.

We aren’t stopping either. Along with Cumulus Networks there are a nine other Solution Providers (SP’s) taking advantage of listing their solutions on our Marketplace covering server, storage, networking and rack. The marketplace is expected to continue to grow to 150 or more products in 2018, giving adopters an ample set of choices for compute, storage, network and rack & power gear. And there is plenty more where these came from. The OCP community offers many more products that aren’t listed on the marketplace. 

The OCP website sees more than 20,000 unique users each month, and 72% of that traffic in February was from new visitors. Only about half are from the United States.

The OCP Marketplace was the second most visited portion of the site in February, only behind Summit. It was the number one destination for traffic on the site in January, representing 18% of all traffic, and generating almost 1,000 qualified leads for the OCP Solution Providers.

Visit the Marketplace today at http://opencompute.org/products/

Learn more about becoming an OCP Solution Provider at the 2018 OCP U.S. Summit, March 20 - 21, 2018 in San Jose, CA, you can register here http://opencompute.org/ocp-u.s.-summit-2018/registration/, or by visiting http://opencompute.org/participate/how-to-become-a-solution-provider/