OCP and ONF to offer a truly open reference architecture for Private 5G/LTE-Edge-Cloud-as-a-Service.

OCP has continued to increase our collaboration with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) as the adoption of open technologies increases across telcos and enterprises. OCP members have contributed specifications and designs  which provide the underlying hardware infrastructure for ONF’s umbrella of software offerings.

Our newest reference architecture is based on ONF’s Aether (pronounced ‘ee-ther’). Aether provides mobile connectivity and edge cloud services for distributed private enterprise networks, all provisioned and managed from a centralized cloud.  This open source platform utilizes OCP Accepted™ and OCP Inspired™ hardware for many of Aether’s functions including Edge Applications, OpenRAN Controller, Mobile Core User Plane and IoT/AI-ML Platforms.

Wiwynn’s OpenEdge EP100 server (OCP Inspired™) provides the compute functionality while fabric networking is based on Edgecore’s Wedge 100 (OCP  Accepted™). Wiwynn and Edgecore (both OCP Solution Providers) continue to show leadership across both OCP and ONF.

Enterprises can now take advantage of this open reference architecture as a catalyst for accelerating smart digital transformation. It is designed to be delivered as a cloud managed service and offers the flexibility to support all available spectrum bands including both licensed and unlicensed/CBRS bands.

Learn more about the Aether Integrated Solution featured on our OCP Marketplace here

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