Interim Co-lead for the Rack & Power Project Announced

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to thank all those who participated in this election process. The OCP Foundation and Community are effective because our members give their time and expertise to help promote open solutions. Each volunteer leader plays an important role in our community - from the adoption of OCP gear to increasing the quality of incoming contributions to fostering an environment of openness and collaboration. They lead by example and they lead with passion. The Foundation and OCP Community are better because of them.

Please join the OCP Foundation in welcoming Hamid Keyhani (Facebook) as the new co-lead of the Rack & Power Project. Hamid will serve alongside co-lead Caleb Lusk (Rittal) for the duration of the current term.

Hamid Keyhani

Hamid has been leading various rack and power projects for the data center industry for several years with his previous employer, Google, and now with Facebook. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Power Engineering from Texas A&M University and currently he’s doing an MBA. He has been an active member of Rack & Power project group and was the main author of OCP Open Rack V2 Standard, power system, published in 2017. He’s currently leading power system development of Open Rack V3 Standard in collaboration with several hyperscale and supplier companies. Given the other project co-lead has mechanical engineering expertise, Hamid’s 20 years of background on Power can diversify and benefit the Rack & Power project.

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A very special thanks to all those nominees who were willing to lead but did not get elected this time around.  OCP is continuously expanding - we are adding new sub-projects and incubation projects every quarter. There will be more opportunities arising and rest assured, we will be reaching out to you for your assistance.