Fall is Full of OCP Workshops!

OCP hits the road this fall with an impressive lineup of workshops! See below for details for each and make sure to register soon - spaces are limited!

SONiC Workshop in Beijing
Microsoft Offices - Beijing, China
Friday, October 19

Welcome to the first SONiC community workshop in Beijing. OCP SONiC project is co-hosting with ODCC Phoenix Project. You will be able to meet the community members from different domains - switch hardware architect, open source software engineers, hyper cloud computing professionals and network researchers. The event is free.

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Questions? Contact Xin Liu.

Inspur and Seagate Technology Day
Computer History Museum - Mountain View, California
Friday, October 26

Join Inspur and other community leaders in OCP on October 26 at the Computer History Museum for an in-depth discussion on the future of open technology. Guest speakers will share their experience and case studies in driving total rack solutions with customers, as well as insights and future plans in technology and solution development for the open hardware community.

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Questions? Contact Cynthia Liu.

OCP Telco Workshop - presented by AT&T
AT&T HQ - Dallas, Texas
Monday, October 29

AT&T and OCP would like to invite you to our Telco Workshop. This is the fastest growing project group within the OCP Community. There is an industry desire to apply the open hardware OCP model to the creation of open telecom optimized solutions. The OCP Telco Project enlists participants from telecom companies and carriers as well as sub systems, software, board and semiconductor suppliers who are seeking to use data center infrastructure to deliver IT services. The agenda is packed with current work in progress specs on cell site routers, SDN based networks and the start of a new subgroup "Open Edge". Join for a full day interactive session - filled with collaboration and networking opportunities. Listen to industry leaders who are setting the trend in open telecom infrastructure and learn about what is happening in the open environment.

To join the Telco Project, become an OCP member and subscribe to the Mailing List. To check out more about the Telco Project's charter, click here.

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Questions? Contact Kali Burdette.

OCP Storage and Archival Workshop
Western Digital
Monday, October 29

The Storage and Archival subgroups are convening October 29 to discuss new initiatives for archival storage, as well as current developments and ideas for hard drive and SSD storage devices and systems. The focus of this workshop is common storage problems in the industry and working together to tackle these challenges. By focusing on the overlaps in problem sets, we can help direct the industry to make technology and devices quicker by reducing the number of unique requirements. 

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Questions? Contact Jason Adrian.

OCP HPC Project Meeting - presented by IBM
Omni Dallas Hotel - Dallas, Texas
Monday, November 12

The goal of this meeting is to introduce the Open Compute Project and its HPC project to the technical community at SC18. The Open Compute Projects (OCP) is reimaging hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable. The meeting will introduce existing designs tailored to HPC, share the project's survey on HPC Telemetry Data, but primarily serve as an incubator for new project ideas and membership recruitment.

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Questions? Email Steven Roberts.