Driving the Future of OCP - OCP Engineering Workshops At The OCP 2017 US Summit

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The 2017 OCP US Summit will be held on 8-9 March at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara California. Summit brings together key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers, suppliers and more under one roof to help grow, drive and support the open hardware ecosystem in near and around the data center and beyond.

Looking to hear exciting announcements from those contributing to OCP?  Then Day 1 of the Summit is for you!  Day 1 promises an informative lineup of talks where attendees will get a chance to hear from our Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors on the Keynote, Executive and Expo Hall stages.  You’ll also get a chance to stop by these sponsors’ booths after their talks and continue the conversation. Check out the list of sponsors at summit.opencompute.org

Want to know more about how you or your organization can get involved and contribute to the growth of the OCP community by collaborating with our projects and contributing to the Foundation? Then Day 2 of the Summit and the OCP Engineering workshops are just for you!  This year we have 8 Engineering Workshop Tracks where you can participate and help drive the conversation--those tracks are as follows:

Project Olympus, a sub-group of the OCP Server Project, which is lead and contributed by Microsoft, is the only sub-group to have it’s own dedicated track. This sub-group is applying the release early, release often principle of open source software to hardware design and innovation. You can find the specs and designs for this subgroup on in the OCP Github repository.  You can find out more about participating in this sub-group by subscribing to its mailing list.

Networking 1 and 2, the OCP Networking Project, is one of our fastest growing projects with over 2,000 subscribers in its mailing list and over 20 contributions to the Foundation. This project continues to drive innovation and collaboration around Networking Technology.  This year Networking has 2 rooms and over 10 sessions for attendees to choose from. You can find out more about participating in this project by subscribing to its mailing list.

Open Rack (48v) and Data Center, the OCP Open Rack and Data Center Projects will be sharing this track.  The morning will start off with a review of the Open Rack Spec that includes the addition of the 48v Rack that Google and Facebook have been working to contribute. In addition to this review there will be 4 more presentations that focus on the 48v option. After lunch the topic switches to the Data Center where attendees can participate in discussion that focus on Facilities Requirements of Deploying OCP Racks, Pod Based Data Center Architectures and more. You can find out more about participating in these project by subscribing to their respective mailing list. (Open Rack, Data Center)

Server, the OCP Server Project track will have eight (8) sessions that focus on topics such as OCP Mezzanine NIC 2.0 and beyond, 1S Server Platform, Dr. Know - a new high performance compute accelerator, Facebook Next Generation 2S server, AVA - NVMe m.2 in scale out storage, SmartNIC Data Plane Acceleration and Reconfiguration in OCS servers for Data Center Operators, Zaius & Barreleye G2: the 48v Google / Rackspace OpenPOWER Platform, and Flexible GPU expander. You can find out more about participating in this project by subscribing to its mailing list.

Hardware Management, The OCP Hardware Management Project fills out its track with sessions that will cover OpenBMC, Hardware Lifecyle as Scale, An Overview of Facebook's Manufacturing Test Framework, Rack management interface on the Radisys DCEngine Platform, HW Management SW Agents in Hyperscale Datacenter Systems and more. You can find out more about participating in this project by subscribing to its mailing list.

Storage, The OCP Storage Track begins with presentations from Facebook with talks such as, Facebook Lightning Update and Lessons Learned and Facebook's Next Generation Storage Server Design.  The continues with All Flash Array in Rack Scale Architecture, Software-Defined Storage architectures on Open Compute, Sharing NVME within OCP at Local Drive Performance, Next Generation HDDs in the Datacenter and OpenDrive Qualification. You can find out more about participating in this project by subscribing to its mailing list.

Telco, The OCP Telco Project will have a full line up as well. In this track you can expect to dive deep into the the following topics: Specification for OCP - Telecom Sled, 5G: Redefining the Telco Data Center, Delivering Carrier-Grade OCP to Telco Data Centers, OCP Technology Trial Results for Telco Infrastructure, High Temperature Datacenter Hardware, Applying Cloud Principles to Hardware Drivers, and Open Access. You can find out more about participating in this project by subscribing to its mailing list.

The OCP Engineering Workshops lineup of 40 hours and almosts 80 talks and topics is incredible. As a reminder you will be available to register on-site on 8-9 March; however, ticket prices will increase if you wait, so what are you waiting for - register today and be part of the future of OCP.

The full agenda can be found at: http://www.opencompute.org/ocp-u.s.-summit-2017/agenda/

If you’re going to be at the event and looking for mobile view you can go to: ocpussummit2017.sched.com/mobile