An OCP Adoption Story in an Emerging Market


Founded in 2009, SINET is an internet and telecommunications service provider (ISP). Headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, SINET focuses on serving the mobile operator market as well as large enterprise and domestic households throughout Cambodia. 

SINET owns and operates more than 200 active networks across the country, in all main cities and provincial towns, as well as remote districts and villages.

How did you learn about OCP and why did you start evaluating OCP Solutions?

Engineering is at the heart of SINET. The executive team is comprised of people with engineering backgrounds and they are always looking to try new things.

They’ve been aware of OCP for quite some time and in the past year started to explore ways to use some of the technology within their infrastructure.

What business challenges are you trying to solve?

Just like many telco’s and ISP’s in Southeast Asia, they are trying to minimize the costs, compared to using traditional vendors. They see OCP as providing the freedom and flexibility to create some interesting new services. Using OCP allows them to focus more on the software, and to free them from legacy infrastructure. However, the most important thing is reducing costs and OCP allows them to gain these efficiencies in both Opex and Capex.

What OCP Solutions are they current using?

SINET is currently using OCP Inspired™ servers for compute functions, and plan to implement OCP Accepted™ switches for open networking in a leaf/spine architecture. 

What are the results so far?

 “We’ve been pleased with the reliability of the OCP Inspired™ Servers we have deployed. We have close to zero hardware and software compatibility issues. We know we are saving on DC electricity, but can’t say for sure how much yet since we have yet to start measuring this aspect, but plan to in the future.” – Vireak Ouk, COO.

What are the future plans for using OCP within SINET moving forward?

Vireak highlighted they will start testing a Spine/Leaf fabric using OCP solutions. Specific to the Data Centre, the team at SINET will be evaluating several OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ solutions that can support both traditional EAI 19” and Open Rack designs.


Twitter: @SINETKH