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OCP networking project monthly call - July 14, 10-11 AM US/Pacific, 1-2 PM Eastern


  • Jeff Catlin (Accton) Attending 7/21
  • lam (NEC)
  • Matt Peterson (Cumulus Networks) Attending 7/21
  • Carlos Cardenas (UTSA) Attending 7/21
  • Bob Thurston (Fidelity Investments) Attending 7/21
  • Dave Maltz (Microsoft)
  • CJ Williams (Microsoft) Attending 7/21
  • Mike Andrewartha (Microsoft)
  • Curt Brune (Cumulus Networks) Attending 7/21
  • Nolan Leake (Cumulus Networks)
  • Chris Wong (Avago Technologies) Attending 7/21
  • Michael Payne (JPM) Attending 7/21
  • Dave Noon (EMC Corp) Attending 7/21
  • Sanjay Sane (Dell) attending 7/21
  • Subi Krishnamurthy (DELL) Attending 7/21
  • Dave Sideck (FCI) - attending 7/21
  • Albert Chen (Amphenol) - Brian Kirk attending 7/21
  • Amber Graner (OCP) Attending 7/21
  • Mansour Karam - attending 7/21
  • Peter Bruno
  • Chuck Hudson (HP) - attending 7/21
  • Peter "Doofus" Krey (Krey Associates) - attending 7/21
  • Gerard Ghaibeh (FB)
  • Robert chu of alphanetworks and will join the 7/21 at UNH
  • David Castaneda (Visa Inc)
  • Mike Sem (Visa Inc)
  • Jack Kohn (Juniper Networks)
  • John Jones (EZchip) attending 7/21
  • Haoyu Song (Huawei) attending 7/21
  • Charles Isaacs (Visa Inc)
  • Saikrishna Kotha (Xilinx)
  • amit katz

Review agenda for July 21 workshop at UNH

  • Testing update (30 min)
  • Specs
  • Updates on the submissions to OCP IC - Broadcom, Mellanox, Accton
  • How to contribute and the process around specs (30)
  • Dell - new contribution (90% yes, but doublecheck with you by Wednesday - Subi from Dell) (30 minutes)
  • HAL/Software initiatives in the project - CJ from Microsoft (+ Subi from Dell) - (60 minutes)
  • Optics - Finisar? (15 minutes)
  • Quick Q/A on Wedge/FBOSS
  • New design target - OOB switches (lower speeds - 100Mb/1Gb?) but for management networks15 minutes)
  • 4:30-5:30 UNH - presentation (would we have a tour during the workshop time)
  • will work this out this week

Update on OCP submissions and recent OCP incubation committee meeting

  • Jeff Catlin - hopefully wrapped up by mid-late this week

OCP for OOB switches

  • Bob Thurston chimed in on this...
  • Is there enough gain there? Mike Andrewartha - head room on the cost...?
  • Perhaps TCO would be better if we could run our own software
  • Jeff Catlin - what would be high-level requirements? L2? L3? ipv6?
  • potentially robert chu from alpha networks as well "We need to understand more first. Hopefully after understanding what is with this OOB, we can plan further. thanks!"

Welcome to first-time attendees

  • David Castaneda, Charles Isaacs, Mike Sem (VISA) - denver team
  • Michael Payne (JPM) - first time on the call but have been to Texas (2013) engineering summit and OCP summit
  • Christopher Wong - first time on call as well
  • Peter Bruno - general interest
  • Wilson Northrup (Merck) - WIP via Peter Krey :-)
  • Saikrishna Kotha (Xilinx)- Programmable FPGAs with SDNet differentiated uplink modules can bring lot more value (especially addressing inter-datacenter connectivity)
  • Matt Peterson (Cumulus) - attended first OCP public events

Action items

  • Update from Amber - are we going to have some remote participation? Amber is looking into it - reason is that workshops are not public (unlike the call) and want to have a safe environment for people to talk without media
  • Omar schedule with 30 minutes for Amber and presentation
  • Subi to get back to us on Dell contribution slot during agenda
  • Carlos to check with Finisar optics
  • Omar/Amber to do a poll on OOB switches before the workshop
  • Amber - OCP IC meeting minutes to post once Amir has them
  • Omar - Doublecheck with Broadcom/IM and Mellanox on giving an update