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== Monthly Project Meetings (online)==
== Monthly Project Meetings==
The first (1st) and third (3rd) Wednesday 7am Taiwan.
C&I project meetings take place on the  first (1st) and third (3rd) Wednesdays.  
To find out the time of this meeting in your timezone go to:  
To find out the time of this meeting in your timezone go to:  
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===How to join the call===
===How to join the call===
* Meeting URL http://fuze.me/23228335
* We are in the middle of switching between meeting platforms. This section will be updated with new information.
* Toll / Intl #: +1 (201) 479-4595
* Toll free #: +1 (855) 346-3893
* Meeting number: 23228335
'''Please Note:''' Just a reminder that this call will be recorded and shared in the meeting notes.
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:[mailto:asim.rasheed@ocproject.net Asim Rasheed], Ixia
:[mailto:asim.rasheed@ocproject.net Asim Rasheed], Ixia Keysight
:[mailto:david@iol.unh.edu David Woolf], UNH-IOL
:[mailto:david@iol.unh.edu David Woolf], UNH-IOL
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===OCP Foundation Liaison===
===OCP Foundation Liaison===
:* [mailto:thaoannguyen@fb.com Thao Nguyen], Director of Certification Labs
:* [mailto:thaoannguyen@fb.com Thao Nguyen], Director of Certification Labs
===OCP Labs===
:*[[File:ITRI_logo2.png|50px]] ITRI Labs, Hsinchu, Taiwan. [mailto:chilung@itri.org.tw Chilung Wang], Director
:*[[File:TsinghuaUniversitylogo1.png|25px]]  Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. [mailto:wei.xu.0@gmail.com Wei Xu], Director
:*[[File:UTSA logo1.jpg|25px]]  University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, United States. [mailto:Peyman.Najafirad@utsa.edu Paul Rad], Director
===C&I Project Chairs Emeritus===
:* YF Yuan, ITRI
:* Matthew Liste, Goldman Sachs
:* Eric Wells, Fidelity
:* DaWane Wanek, Avnet

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Welcome to the OCP Compliance & Interoperability Project.
This Project is open to the public and we welcome all those who would like to be involved.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit any confidential information to the Project Community. All presentation materials, proposals, meeting minutes and/or supporting documents are published by OCP and are open to the public in accordance to OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found on the [Legal Docs] page. If you have any questions please contact OCP.




OCP Ready
OCP Checkbox
Upstreaming and Coding


Inspired Accepted

Monthly Project Meetings

C&I project meetings take place on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Wednesdays.

To find out the time of this meeting in your timezone go to: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Agenda: http://pad.opencompute.org:9001/p/OCP_C&I_Project_Meeting_Agenda

This call is open to the public.

How to join the call

* We are in the middle of switching between meeting platforms. This section will be updated with new information.

Past Meetings

  • List of meeting notes/minutes can be found here:Meeting Notes:
  • OCP Engineering Workshop - Rackspace - September 16, 2015
- Certification & Interoperability Past, Present, Future - September 2015 Update
- Certification & Interoperability Program Changes - October 1st 2015 Update
  • Bi-weekly call notes
- June 21, 2016:
OCP Inspired & Accepted Reference Documents
OCP Specifications, Designs and Product Submissions Classifications and Flow(draft) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3y0wnmmmVuDYzAxZWRQLWlhZm8/view?usp=sharing
OCP Inspired Contribution Checklist(draft) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3y0wnmmmVuDODdiSkE1ejhzTEU/view?usp=sharing
OCP Accepted Contribution Checklist(draft) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3y0wnmmmVuDZ193ajJCMWcyODg/view?usp=sharing
- Dec 15, 2015:
The attachment https://drive.google.com/a/ocproject.net/file/d/0B3y0wnmmmVuDVl9Hb0t5RnpIZm8/view?usp=sharing
- Oct 21, 2015:
- Aug 18, 2015:
The attachment https://drive.google.com/a/ocproject.net/file/d/0B3y0wnmmmVuDWWhUd1J6TzFMbFE/view?usp=sharing
- July 21, 2015:
- May 5, 2015:
The attachment https://www.dropbox.com/s/3p8hizetpjiyj1v/OCP%20Server%20Memory%20Channel%20Testing%20DRAFT.pdf?dl=0
- April 21, 2015:



A list of active projects at C&I. We welcome you to join us and contribute. C&I Project Tracks & Contact List



Asim Rasheed, Ixia Keysight
David Woolf, UNH-IOL

OCP Foundation Liaison